Hobby Lobby’s Fantastic Discounts: Your Ultimate Shopping Guide

Hobby LobbyDiscover the incredible savings at Hobby Lobby - it's time to uncover the secrets.
Uncover the secrets behind Hobby Lobby’s amazing savings now!

We all love a good deal, but there’s nothing worse than splurging on craft supplies, only to find out they went on sale the next day! Luckily, knowing Hobby Lobby’s sale schedule can save you from such woes. With discounts ranging from 30% to a whopping 90%, it’s time to unravel the secrets behind the incredible savings at Hobby Lobby.

Does Hobby Lobby do the 40% off coupon still?

Unfortunately, the era of the 40% off coupon is behind us. Hobby Lobby has made a change, and they no longer offer the famous 40% off coupon. But don’t despair; they’ve still got plenty of exciting deals to offer.

Always expect discounts from departments like Home Decor and Crafts, they're perpetually on sale!
Get perpetual discounts on departments like Home Decor and Crafts.

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1. What’s the Weekly Ritual?

Every Sunday, Hobby Lobby unveils a new weekly ad, showcasing a plethora of discounted items available from Monday to Saturday. Certain departments, like Home Decor and Crafts, are perpetually on sale. While the specific items may change weekly, you can always expect discounts from these sections.

Save 30% on furniture and 50% on Christmas decor!
Get 30% off furniture and 50% off Christmas decor!

2. The Evergreen Discounts:

Is everything always 50% off at Hobby Lobby?  Some items are always on sale at Hobby Lobby. Best-selling books, custom frames, furniture, and T-shirts enjoy year-round discounts. This includes 40%-50% off best-selling books and a steady 30% off T-shirts. Plus, furniture is consistently marked down by 30%, while custom frames receive a 50% discount on the frame itself.

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3. Decor Galore:

The Home Decor department at Hobby Lobby is a treasure trove. Alternating between wall decor and table decor every week, you can enjoy 50% off on items like decorative crosses, framed art, and mirrors. When it’s table decor week, indulge in wooden table decor, decorative lanterns, and more.

Get 40% off crafting items at Hobby Lobby every other week!
Get 40% off crafting goodies at Hobby Lobby every other week!

4. Crafting Bonanza:

Craft enthusiasts, rejoice! Hobby Lobby offers a 40% discount on various crafting items every other week. From modeling clay and paint-by-number kits to unfinished craft wood, there’s a plethora of creative supplies waiting for you.

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Exciting news for bead enthusiasts - enjoy a whopping 50% off on beads, Jewelry Shoppe items, and Metal Gallery items!
Enjoy a 50% discount on beads, Jewelry Shoppe items, and Metal Gallery items.

5. Bead It Up:

Bead enthusiasts are in for a treat with a 50% discount on beads, items from the Jewelry Shoppe, and items from the Metal Gallery. Whether you’re into strung beads or stylish pendants, Hobby Lobby has your crafting needs covered.

6. Paper Crafts and Cricut Magic:

Paper craft lovers can snag their favorite supplies at 40% off every other week. Additionally, select Cricut machines are available at a discounted rate, making your DIY dreams more affordable than ever.

Take 40% off on all floral items at Hobby Lobby every other week.
Get 50% off on all floral items at Hobby Lobby every other week.

7. Floral Fantasia:

Floral arrangements add life to any space, and at Hobby Lobby, you can enjoy a 40% discount on floral stems, bushes, arrangements, garlands, wreaths, and swags every other week. Your home will be blooming with beauty!

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8. Painting Paradise:

Artists, rejoice! Hobby Lobby offers 40% off on select paint supplies, ensuring your artistic endeavors are both fulfilling and budget-friendly. With options ranging from brushes to canvas, your creative pursuits are in good hands.

9. Yarn vs. Fabric:

Yarn enthusiasts and fabric fanatics, your time has come! Hobby Lobby offers alternating discounts between 30% off all yarn and 40% off fabric by the yard. Whether you’re knitting cozy scarves or sewing trendy outfits, these discounts have you covered.

Celebrate every season without overspending - from Christmas to Easter!
Celebrate every season affordably—from Christmas to Easter and everything in between.

10. ‘Tis the Season:

Seasonal items are a staple at Hobby Lobby, and their markdowns are a shopper’s dream. Starting at 40% off, these items gradually climb the discount ladder, reaching up to 75% off and sometimes even 90%. From Christmas decor to Easter goodies, celebrate every season without breaking the bank.

Get 90% off on classroom decor at Hobby Lobby!
Get a whopping 90% off classroom decor at Hobby Lobby!

11. Back to School Bonanza:

Teachers and students, listen up! As the school year kicks in, Hobby Lobby offers a staggering 90% discount on classroom decor. From educational supplies to decorative items, make your learning environment inspiring without denting your wallet.

That wraps up our deep dive into Hobby Lobby’s incredible discounts. Remember, knowing when and where to look is the key to enjoying a shopping spree without the guilt of overspending. Happy crafting!


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