Top Craft Stores 2023

Buyer's GuideFind Inspiration at the Top Craft Stores of 2023
Find Inspiration at the Top Craft Stores of 2023

In the world of crafting, the right supplies can make all the difference in bringing your creative visions to life. Whether you’re tackling a school project, diving into a sewing endeavor, or indulging in hobby crafting, the right stores can make your crafting journey a breeze. We understand that with the rise of online retail and the fading of brick-and-mortar shops, it can be challenging to navigate the endless options for craft stores. But fear not, because we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of craft stores that cater to all your crafting needs.

Brick and Mortar + Online Craft Stores:

Let’s start with the best of both worlds: brick-and-mortar stores that also offer an online shopping experience. These stores combine the tactile joy of perusing aisles with the convenience of online shopping.


Shine and Sparkle with Michaels' Glitter Collection
Shine and Sparkle with Michaels’ Glitter Collection

Michaels, with the most extensive network of brick-and-mortar locations, is an undisputed leader. From floral arrangements to picture frames, paint to paper, Michaels is a classic craft store with an abundance of options. Michaels continually offers a 20% off coupon, along with other online discounts, making it a go-to choice for savings. Moreover, if you’re interested in crafting in a group setting, Michaels has an array of in-store and online classes, along with a Kids Club program for the little crafters.

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Hobby Lobby

Your Creative Oasis: Hobby Lobby Craft Supplies
Your Creative Oasis: Hobby Lobby Craft Supplies

Hobby Lobby, a well-known favorite, has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. It’s famous for its extensive craft selection and remarkable home decor items. What sets Hobby Lobby apart is its rotating sales, allowing customers to plan their purchases when their desired category goes on sale. With stores in 47 states and an online presence, it’s an ideal choice for bargain shoppers and home decor enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby does not accept international orders.

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JoAnn Fabric and Crafts

Crafting and Sewing Made Easy at JoAnn
Crafting and Sewing Made Easy at JoAnn

JoAnn Fabric and Crafts is a haven for fabric enthusiasts, living up to its name. With a substantial portion of the store dedicated to fabrics, you’re bound to find the color or pattern you desire. In case you don’t, JoAnn offers custom pattern creation through their website, where you can even upload your own images.

Transform Your Fabrics with Joann's Dye Collection
Transform Your Fabrics with Joann’s Dye Collection

But JoAnn isn’t limited to fabrics; it provides specialized crafting supplies for various niches. With over 800 locations, it’s accessible across the United States.


Get Inspired with Walmart's Vast Canvas Variety
Get Inspired with Walmart’s Vast Canvas Variety

Walmart – While known for its diverse retail offerings, Walmart is also a craft supply destination with competitive prices. It’s ideal for finding basic craft materials. And with coupon code WOWFRESH, new customers get $10 off $50+ orders, making creativity affordable.

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Walmart's Craft Wonderland: Explore the Possibilities
Walmart’s Craft Wonderland: Explore the Possibilities

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Artist & Craftsman Supply is a smaller chain with just 20 locations on both the East and West coasts. Despite its size, it offers specialty items for printmaking, sculpting, bookmaking, and more. Known for carrying non-traditional art materials, you can often find unique supplies here.

Dick Blick – (Blick Art Materials)

Crafting Dreams Come True at Dick Blick
Crafting Dreams Come True at Dick Blick

Dick Blick started from humble beginnings and now offers one of the most popular paints in the art world. With over 60 stores throughout the United States, Blick continues to serve communities with a diverse range of art supplies. Their website features a special section for educators, offering free resources like lesson plans and catalogs.

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Craft Warehouse

Craft Warehouse, though smaller in terms of brick-and-mortar presence with locations in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington, leaves nothing to be desired in product variety. This family-owned store offers generous in-store and online discounts, making it a fantastic choice for all your crafting needs. An added bonus is their regular Facebook live events featuring various project tutorials, most of which are free.

Colorful Creations with Walmart's Embroidery Floss
Colorful Creations with Walmart’s Embroidery Floss

Online-Only Craft Stores:

If you’re comfortable shopping for craft supplies online, you open the door to endless possibilities for your arts and crafts needs. While the list below is not exhaustive, it features some of the best online craft stores that have garnered the praise of countless satisfied customers.

From Watercolors to Acrylics: Walmart's Brush Selection
From Watercolors to Acrylics: Walmart’s Brush Selection


Etsy is a treasure trove of unique and handcrafted craft supplies. You can find distinctive, one-of-a-kind materials to fuel your creative projects. It’s a marketplace that fosters creativity, making it perfect for artisans and crafters looking for something special. With up to 50% off and free shipping promotion, Etsy supports both creators and crafters.

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Craft Supply Depot (Formerly BJ’s Craft Supplies)

Craft Supply Depot stands out with decades of superior customer service and an A+ rating with the BBB. They offer sections dedicated to unique crafting passions such as bolo-making supplies, giving the shop an extra touch of quirkiness.

Factory Direct Craft

Factory Direct Craft may not have a wide variety of options across the board, but it excels in certain niches. You’ll find products for doll and dollhouse making that you may not find elsewhere. Additionally, there’s a dedicated section for fairy garden supplies.

Mister Art

Mister Art serves as a hub for discount art supplies, offering some of the steepest discounts in the industry. They have a dedicated section on their website known as the Bargain Bin, which offers deals with discounts of up to 75% off. It’s a treasure trove for budget-conscious crafters.

S&S Worldwide

S&S Worldwide is a company with a century of history, and their doors have remained open for a reason. Beyond the typical craft supplies you’d find at other stores, they offer unique products. Notably, they have a section dedicated to senior activities, including therapeutic crafts.

Craft Direct

Craft Direct specializes in paper crafting. From supplies and machines to tools, they have it all. If you’re looking for a project by theme without the hassle, try their page kits, which include layouts and inspiration for various occasions.

Get Crafty with Cricut at Your Michaels Store
Get Crafty with Cricut at Your Michaels Store

Stuff 4 Crafts

Stuff 4 Crafts is a smaller online craft store with plenty of discounts that make it worth exploring. They also offer a wide selection of diamond painting supplies, from jewel sampler packs to tools and kits.

Which brick-and-mortar store is the cheapest?

There isn’t a single brick-and-mortar store that’s universally cheaper than the others. However, specific product categories may be more affordable at different stores. For example, large canvases are often competitively priced at Michaels, while Joann’s fabric section is known for its frequent sales and reasonable regular prices.

JoAnn: Your Destination for Yarn Inspiration
JoAnn: Your Destination for Yarn Inspiration

Do craft stores offer price matching?

Many online crafting stores offer price match programs, but the process can be more involved than in brick-and-mortar stores. To receive an online price match, you typically need to call their customer service line to place the order. In contrast, price matching in physical stores is simpler; you’ll need proof that the item is identical, which can usually be shown via a website or flyer. Major brick-and-mortar shops like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann’s, and Dick Blick all offer price matching programs.

What’s the difference between craft stores and stores that carry craft supplies?

There’s a significant distinction between the two. While stores like Oriental Trading or Staples may carry some craft supplies, they don’t specialize in crafting. Craft stores offer a wider range of specialized options that you can’t find elsewhere, catering to various crafting niches.

Is it difficult to return items purchased from an online craft store?

Returning items purchased online can seem daunting, but it’s not always as complicated as it appears. If you buy from a craft store with both an online and physical presence, you can return items in-store. For online-only platforms, returns can typically be done by mail, often with the convenience of free shipping labels. Most companies offer online return request forms or customer service lines to facilitate the return process.

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While many stores carry craft supplies, genuine crafting stores specialize in providing materials for even the most unique craft niches. Regardless of whether you prefer in-person shopping or online convenience, there’s a craft store for every art interest. If you seek one-stop shopping for all your crafting needs, this list of craft stores will not disappoint. Happy crafting!


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