ACME Markets Discounts | April 2024

How do I redeem my ACME Markets promo code?

To redeem your ACME Markets promo code, simply click the Clip Coupon button found throughout the ACME Markets website. This will apply the coupon to your grocery order, providing you with extra savings.

Does ACME Markets offer digital grocery coupons?

Yes, ACME Markets offers digital grocery coupons. You can enjoy additional savings on your grocery order by clicking the Clip Coupon button available on the website.

Are there permanent sales available online at ACME Markets?

Yes, ACME Markets offers permanent sales online. Visit the Coupons & Deals page on the website to explore the current discount codes, sales, and promotions available to all customers with an account.

Will I receive a special treat from ACME Markets on my birthday?

Yes, if you are a FreshPass subscription member, you will receive a special treat during your birthday month. This treat can be used for any purchase, allowing you to enjoy a little extra during your birthday celebration.

Are there additional savings available when shopping online at ACME Markets?

Yes, ACME Markets provides additional savings opportunities throughout the website. Keep an eye on the top banner and various sections of the website to find current deals, promotions, and discounts that can help you save more on your online shopping.

Does ACME Markets offer an email newsletter?

Yes, ACME Markets offers an email newsletter. By signing up for the newsletter, you will receive promotional emails with special deals, savings events, and more, helping you stay updated on the latest offers from ACME Markets.

How can I save $20 on my first online order over $75 at ACME Markets?

To save $20 on your first online order over $75 at ACME Markets, sign up for a FreshPass subscription plan. This will give you access to the discount, allowing you to enjoy significant savings on your initial online purchase.

Can I use my ACME for U Rewards at participating gas stations?

Yes, you can use your ACME for U Rewards points to save money at participating gas stations. Simply redeem your rewards points on your next gasoline purchase, helping you reduce your fuel expenses.

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