Ark Naturals: Organic Pet Food and Treats for Your Furry Friends

PetsArk  Naturals pet products
Ark Naturals pet products in Tampa, Florida.

Usually committed to staying loyal to one particular pet supplies brand, I came across some Ark Naturals products at the local grocery store. I discovered Ark Naturals while shopping for pet food in Whole Foods Market near me in Irvine, CA. Their pet products are also available in most pet stores throughout the country and here, in my city, in particular. Petco, Unleashed by Petco, PetSmart, Pets Plus and some other pet stores offer an assortment of Ark Naturals products.

Whole Paws pet food
Himalayan Dog Chew treats at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Florida.

Even though Ark Naturals selection in my local store is quite large, this brand hasn’t become a primary pet food brand for me from the very beginning. But I used to buy some treats like Whole Paws Grain free Smoked Bully Bones from time to time. The large one costs $10.99, but it’s a mere indulgence for my dog. Himalayan Cheese Chew by Whole Paws can be medium and large, so you can choose the size you need. The ingredients are safe, and my pet enjoyed the treats every time.

Ark Naturals products
Local Ark Naturals assortment of pet supplements and dental chews.

When I was in Florida on vacation, I discovered local Ark Naturals products. Salespersons in local grocery stores gave them away as samples and it turns out that the formulas and recipes are really local and are made of local ingredients. I like the idea of using local raw products and a focus on local customers. And I began to pay more attention to Ark Naturals pet food and supplies. I discovered a great assortment of Ark Naturals pet products and added a couple more of their products to the list of must-have items for my dog. They have a nice selection of pet supplements for digestive system as well as joint support.

Organic Beef pet bone broth
Organic Beef Pet Bone Broth at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Florida.

Organic Beef Pet Bone Broth for Cars and Digs is also good for joints. Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste has become a must have for my furry friend.

Whole Paws Grain Free Turkey Feast
Whole Paws pet food at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Florida.

As for the main meals my doggy particularly liked is Grain Free Turkey Feast and Beef & Lentil Feast rom whole Paws. He found them especially yummy.

When my Florida vacation was over, I decided to look for ways to order Ark Natural treats online. Luckily, I found them at and now can order Ark Naturals pet food whenever I need. As the first-time customer at Chewy I was offered $20 Off Coupon Code to be applied to my first Chewy purchase and I was happy to use it to save.

What I love about ordering pet supplies at Chewy is that I have access to a wide range of brands and products, all at the comfort of my home. I can order pet food, pet toys, a variety of pet supplies by making several clicks. The prices are competitive, and with Chewy Coupon they get even better.

For convenience and to save time on reordering pet essentials like food and basic supplies Chewy offers Autoship. By subscribing to Autoship you can save 35% on your regular pet supplies delivery, plus get an extra 5% off your every next Autoship order.

Liberty Lamb Recipe
Liberty pet food at Whole Foods Market, Irvine, CA.

When I purchase Arks Naturals at Chewy there are some favorites, of course, but I also include other pet brands in my order. Liberty Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Game Bird Feast and Surf’n Turf with Ocean Whitefish, Beef Broth & Beef, Liver are the staples of my dog’s diet. I use them to offer my doggy varied meals every day.

Liberty Skin & Coat Jerky
Liberty Skin & Coat Jerky at Whole Foods Market, Irvine, CA.

Plus, I add Liberty Skin & Coat Jerky to make the pet’s fur look its best.

Tender & True Organic Turkey Recipe
Tender & True Organic Turkey Recipe at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Florida.

Having nourishing organic meals is important for the health of my pet. Organic Turkey Recipe and Organic Pork Recipe for $10.99 are just perfect for getting a well-balanced diet.

PillBUDDY Naturals
PillBuddy Naturals treats for dogs at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Florida.

Everybody deserves a treat once in a while, and PillBUDDY Naturals makes a healthy pill treat for dogs along with Roasted Chicken Recipe.

Bocce's Soft and Chewy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe
Bocce’s Soft & Chewy Strawberry Shortcke Recipe at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Florida.

Some pets love meaty stuff while other also enjoy having fruit flavored pet food. Bocce’s Soft & Chewy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe has a nice Peanut Butter & Strawberry Flavor.

Organic Cookie Pal Dog Biscuit
Cookie Pal Dig Biscuits at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Florida.

Dog biscuits are quite popular as well. An assortment of Huma Grade Organic Cookie Pal is a treat to savor. Sweet potato & Flaxseed, Pumpkin & Chia, Peanut Butter are only some of the biscuit’s flavors.

Fruitables Skinny Minis
Apple & Bacon Ftuiyables Skinny Minins at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Florida.

And a combination of Apple and Bacon flavors in Fruitables Skinny mini is something special.

Of course, every pet owner needs pet supplies to keep the environment clean. Poop bags from GreenPolly are just perfect for grabbing with you when taking your dog out for a walk. Keep Calm Refreshing Body Mists with various scents are an excellent choice for your doggy beauty routine.

Ark Naturals product assortment
A selection of dog treats at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Florida.

As you see Ark Naturals has got everything covered, but if you live far from the store offering this particulat brand you can always order pet stuff at Chewy.

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