Unwrapping the Truth: No Hanukkah Items at Hobby Lobby?

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As the holiday season approaches, social media is buzzing with claims that arts and crafts giant Hobby Lobby will not be offering any Hanukkah-themed items this year. Is this fact or fiction? Let’s unravel the story.

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The truth is, this claim is indeed a fact. In a recent statement, Hobby Lobby cited the need for additional space for stronger and newer categories as the reason behind discontinuing several seasonal product lines, including Hanukkah. This marks the second consecutive year that the store, known for its promotion of Christian values by its owners, has opted not to stock Hanukkah items.

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As we navigate the diverse landscape of holiday shopping, it’s important to note alternative options for those seeking Hanukkah-themed items.

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Kohl’s steps up to the plate with a wide variety of Hanukkah apparel, including cozy Hanukkah pajamas to elevate your seasonal style. Meanwhile, Michaels and TJ Maxx also showcase an impressive selection of Hanukkah items, providing alternative destinations for holiday shoppers. However, for those who align with Christian values, Hobby Lobby remains a preferred choice.

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For those who prefer a personalized touch, Personalization Mall has you covered with an Extra 20% Off when you use the promo code. As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, explore alternative stores and online options to find the perfect Hanukkah items for your celebration.


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