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Things To EatHickory Farms Hanukkah gift box
Happy Hanukkah Gift Box from Hickory Farms.

Celebrating Hanukkah is our family tradition. Hanukkah 2022 is celebrated since Sunday, 18th of December through Monday, December 26. What is Hanukkah and why is it celebrated? It’s a Jewish holiday that commemorates rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem back in the second century B.C. There the Jew started the revolt against their Greek oppressors and defeated the enemy despite being outnumbered. The other name of Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights. It is celebrated in accordance with lunar cycle, so every year the date is flexible.

home decoration Happy Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah exterior decoration.

The main tradition of this holiday is lighting candles. Each day of the celebration one candle is lit on menorah, a special candelabra with place for eight candles, until it is fully lit on the final day of celebration. Every traditional celebration includes festive food associated with this particular holiday. And as most people, we get some holiday treats to commemorate the event. According to tradition, Hanukkah is celebrated with latkes, fried potato pancakes, or any fried food. They also have sufganiyot, little donuts, and poppy seed cookies.

Happy Hanukkah gift box
My Hickory Farms Happy Hanukkah Gift Box.

As most busy women I have no time to cook special Hanukkah treats, so I order them instead. The best Hanukkah treats I have ever had can be purchased at Hickory Farms. This time I ordered Happy Hanukkah Gift Box and here is my honest opinion about it.

gift box order at Hickory Farms
Checking out at

First, some words about ordering Hickory Farms Happy Hanukkah Gift Box. Its regular price is $29.99, but it was on sale and available for just $24.99, which was good. The store also ran a promotion and offered Hickory Farms free standard shipping through December 12/20. That seemed to be a great deal. I tried to save even more and decided to use Hickory Farms Coupon to get 15% off my purchase. Unfortunately, the store didn’t accept this coupon and didn’t grant an extra discount for my order. Probably the reason is that Happy Hanukkah Gift Box was already at the reduced price and the company offered free shipping on top of that. In fact, Hickory Farms rarely offers free shipping, so I still was glad that I scored such a great deal. So, just be aware that sometimes the company doesn’t allow to combine the promotions it offers.

Hickory Farms order
My Hickory Farms order just arrived.

Well, the shipping was fast, and my Hickory Farms gift box arrived just a day before Hanukkah starts, which was nice.

Hanukkah treats
Contents of Hickory Farms Happy Hanukkah Gift Box.

The box was nicely decorated with menorahand dreidel pictures. On opening the gift box I discovered two dreidels inside, which is cute.

dreidels from Hickory Farms
Dreidels from Hickory Farms Happy Hanukkah Gift Box.

Playing dreidel is a popular Hanukkah tradition. Each dreidel comes with four Hebrew letters which mean “A great miracle occurred here”. The rules of the game are simple. Each player spins the dreidel once and watches the side it lands. Depending on the symbol which is up the player either gets or gives away treats in a pot. You just need to know the meaning of the symbols to understand whether you take it all, take half of it, getnothing or give away.

Hickory Farms Chocolate Gold
Hickory Farms Chocolate Gelt.

And, of course, Hickory Farms Happy Hanukkah Gift Box came loaded with a variety of treats. There were 10 Chocolate Gelt in it. It was delicious milk chocolate wrapped in gold, with a six-pointed star and menorah inside it. If you flip gelt around, you will see dreidels.

Hickory Farms Milk Chocolate Sea Salt
Hickory Farms Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels.

Then there are two handcrafted Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. Milk chocolate with sea salt is my favorite so it’s going to be my most delicious treat.

Hickory Farms milk chocolate nutrition facts
Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels ingredients.

There are 4 pieces and 250 calories, but the sweet indulgence is worth some extra calories to commemorate the holiday. I checked the ingredients too, and they are all safe.

Hickory Farms Menorah Cookie
Hickory Farms Menorah Sugar Cookie.

Also, there is a Menorah Sugar Cookie with white and blue icing and yellow six-pointed star on top.

Hickory Farms Classic Mixed Nuts
Hickory Farms Classic Mixed Nuts.

Other snacks from Hickory Farms Happy Hanukkah Gift Box include Classic Mixed Nuts, a perfect salty bite to go with the movie or a baseball game.

Hickory Farms Caramel Corn
Hickory Farms Chocolate Caramel Corn.

If you care for something sweet, there is Chocolate Caramel Corn. It looks great and just melts in the mouth.

Hickory Farms Caramel Corn ingredients
Hickory Farms Chocolate Caramel Corn ingredients.

With just 110 calories and natural ingredients it’s a delicious treat you are sure to enjoy if you love sweet caramel popcorn.

Happy Hanukkah gift box
Gourmet Happy Hanukkah Gift Box by Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms Happy Hanukkah Gift Box is a perfect kit for playing dreidels. The gift box features nourishing snacks you can place in “pot” and use for playing the game. These delicious treats will help you go through one of Hanukkah evenings near the fireplace, having a family get together and enjoying the game.

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