How To Get the Biggest Discount at Michael’s. Coupon Guide 2023

MichaelsGet Crafty with Your Budget: Michaels Discount Strategies
Get Crafty with Your Budget: Michaels Discount Strategies

In the bustling world of crafting, finding the right store can be an artistic adventure in itself. Let’s unravel the tapestry of discounts, coupons, and special perks that Michaels, the crafting giant, offers. From creative enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, Michaels caters to everyone’s crafting needs. Dive in as we explore the intricacies of Michaels offerings.

What’s the secret to getting the best deals at Michaels?

Michaels opens the door to a wonderland of coupons. Whether you’re using the Michaels mobile app, visiting their website, or receiving coupons via email or SMS, the options are vast. Understanding their coupon policy is key – one coupon per product, per type, per day. But here’s the twist – you can stack a Michaels coupon with a Rewards Voucher, creating your own personalized sale. However, exclusions apply, so it’s wise to be in the know.

Crafting and Earning with Michaels Rewards
Crafting and Earning with Michaels Rewards

Can I match prices if I find a lower one elsewhere?

Absolutely! Michaels matches prices from various retailers. Just bring the ad, printout, or photo with you, and they’ll validate the price. The catch? It must be identical in all aspects.

How often does Michaels host massive clearance events?

Twice a year, in January and July, Michaels hosts the Semi-Annual Clearance Event. This extravaganza offers a whopping 70% off on seasonal decor, yarn, ribbon, frames, and more. It’s a paradise for bargain hunters and craft enthusiasts alike.

Discover a World of Hues at Michaels' Paint Department
Discover a World of Hues at Michaels’ Paint Department

What if I find a lower price online after my purchase?

Fear not, online shoppers! If you find the same item for less within 7 days of your purchase on, they’ll match the price. Just contact their customer service, and your payment will be adjusted.

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Do Michaels offer discounts for military personnel?

Yes, indeed! Michaels extends a 15% discount to military members. Register through Michaels Rewards and enjoy this discount on your entire purchase, including sale items. It’s a token of appreciation for the service they provide.

Save Big with Michaels' Unbeatable Sale Offers
Save Big with Michaels’ Unbeatable Sale Offers

Is there a special discount for teachers?

Absolutely! Teachers, rejoice! Michaels offers a 15% discount for educators. Sync your teacher status to your Michaels Rewards account, and the discount will be automatically applied both in-store and online.

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How about seniors? Is there something special for them?

Certainly! Seniors aged 55 or older can revel in a 10% discount on their entire purchase. By syncing their senior status to their Michaels Rewards account, they can enjoy this discount hassle-free.

Crafting Magic: Discover Michaels' Polymer Clay
Crafting Magic: Discover Michaels’ Polymer Clay

Is there a way for tax-exempt organizations to benefit?

Yes, there is! Individuals or organizations qualifying for tax-exempt purchases can sync their tax-exempt status with their Michaels Rewards account. This means seamless tax-free shopping both online and in-store. No more forms to fill out; it’s hassle-free crafting.

What is MichaelsPro and who qualifies for it?

MichaelsPro is a haven for crafting professionals. Offering bulk pricing on thousands of items online, it’s a dream come true for business owners. The best part? Everyone qualifies! No memberships required; simply dive into the world of MichaelsPro Packs and enjoy bulk pricing.

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Crafting Dreams Come True with Michaels' Sale Bargains
Crafting Dreams Come True with Michaels’ Sale Bargains

Michaels stands tall as not just a craft store but a crafting partner. From exclusive discounts for heroes and teachers to tax exemptions and bulk pricing for professionals, Michaels paints a canvas of inclusivity and affordability. So, whether you’re an artist seeking the finest materials or a teacher preparing a classroom masterpiece, Michaels is your creative haven, waiting to turn your imagination into artistry. Happy crafting!


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