How to Save on Arts Supplies. Tips from the Experts

Buyer's GuideExpand your artistic palette while cutting costs with our money-saving tips
Unlock the unlimited potential of your creativity without breaking the bank

Embark on a quest to elevate your artistry without depleting your wallet. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a seasoned creator, these tips are your compass to affordable art materials.

Are expensive art supplies worth it? How can I save money on art supplies?

Embrace the Thrift: Opt for Second-Hand Art Supplies

Shop ethically and sustainably by reusing second-hand art supplies instead of buying new ones
Don’t sacrifice your art dreams due to budget constraints; find great deals on second-hand art supplies that will last for years

In my artistic journey, I’ve uncovered treasures via online marketplaces like eBay, where I once established an entire ceramics studio. Even when my ceramic dreams waned, eBay became the gateway to relinquishing my studio equipment, benefiting another artist with a stunning deal. eBay isn’t the only realm; art schools, colleges, and universities often list excess equipment for sale. Keep a vigilant eye on eBay, Preloved, Gumtree, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, and the timeless charity shop for your art supply scavenger hunt.

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Craft Your Own: DIY Art Supplies

Harness the power of abundance when it comes to buying materials for your artwork.
Arm yourself with the knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions that reduce costs and maximize value.

Embrace the art of being a frugal Picasso – it’s like a creative challenge for your wallet! Why not try your hand at crafting your own art supplies? Not only will it save you some dough, but it’s a chance to unlock the secrets of an entirely unique skill set. Dive headfirst into the thrilling world of DIY paints and ceramic glazes, where you’ll become best friends with raw materials. It’s like discovering that your food doesn’t magically appear in plastic wrap at the supermarket! So, venture into the realm of YouTube’s treasure trove of DIY tutorials, and soon you’ll be whipping up your own oil paints, dyes, and more. This newfound wisdom transforms you into a creative mad scientist, concocting materials that scream, “I’m one-of-a-kind!”

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Frame Wisely: Master the Art of DIY Framing

Worried about the fancy price tags of professional framing? Who needs those extravagant framing costs when you can become a framing ninja on a budget? Say goodbye to emptying your wallet and hello to honing your mad framing skills. Spend some quality time practicing and mastering the art of presentation – Picasso, you better watch out! Plus, think about going deep with your canvases; it’s like they’re saying, “Who needs extra framing?” Grab some essential tools like a tab driver, and voila – your frames will look so pro that even they’ll be impressed.

Adapt to Your Circumstances: Embrace Your Artistic Evolution

Art doesn’t play by the rules, and life’s curveballs make your creative path an epic rollercoaster. Embracing these twists and turns is like adding extra cheese to your creative pizza – it’s a rich, multi-flavored masterpiece! Crafting with found objects? Well, that’s like making art out of a superhero’s secret stash – it gives your work a unique flair and shouts, “I’ve got character!” So, your art isn’t just a canvas; it’s a canvas full of life’s quirks and a sprinkle of financial wisdom. Who said being broke can’t be the Picasso of your inspiration?

Cashback Bonanza: Save on Purchases

Create art that is both unique and affordable—we’ll show you how!
Find your unique ‘voice’ and use it to create beautiful, high-quality artworks without spending a fortune.

Enroll in cashback websites and reclaim a portion of your expenditure, transforming savings into an effortless habit. Start your cashback journey by visiting your preferred cashback platform, locating your desired store, and accessing it through the platform. Shop as usual, and witness a percentage of your spending magically returned to your wallet.

The Gift Card Game: Hunt for Discounts

Enhance your skillset and artistic expression without spending a fortune.
Take control of your finances while still fuelling your passion.

Unwanted gift cards have emerged as an avenue for discounted art supplies. Online marketplaces offer discounted gift cards for specialist art stores, enhancing your art supply bargain hunt. Don’t fall for the heritage premium – renowned artist endorsements and branded products can inflate costs without substantial benefits. Embrace quality without a famous name and unleash your creativity.

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Budget and Plan: Project Your Artistic Vision

As an art technician, I’ve seen many ambitious projects thwarted by unforeseen material costs. It may be dull but essential – pricing your project before commencing is a pivotal step. This prudent approach allows you to:

  • Replace costly materials with budget-friendly alternatives, particularly where they won’t be visible.
  • Minimize material use in non-essential areas.
  • Factor in storage, transportation, and disassembly expenses.
  • Secure funding for your project’s requirements.

From the outset, this approach aids in pricing your art appropriately for sale, ensuring your art remains both affordable and profitable.

Collaborate and Conquer: Art Collective Savings

Certain resources flourish when shared within a community. Crafty endeavors, such as kiln sharing, exhibition hosting, and studio subletting, present opportunities for collective savings. Purchasing art supplies in bulk and splitting costs ensures everyone enjoys a lower financial burden. Knowledge sharing, whether through collaborative work or discussions, unveils insights that could prevent costly blunders or spark ingenious shortcuts.

By adopting these art supply saving strategies, you can channel your creativity without depleting your finances, allowing your artistic journey to flourish without financial constraints.”

Get Exclusive Discounts and Coupon Codes

Michaels: Leading the charge with a vast brick-and-mortar network, Michaels is your craft haven. From floral arrangements to paints and more, it offers a wide range of options. You can routinely enjoy a 20% discount at Michaels, plus other online offers, making it a go-to choice for savvy shoppers. MichaelsPro offers bulk pricing on thousands of items, catering to crafting professionals, and the best part is that everyone qualifies! No memberships are required.

Add a pop of color to your walls with 3D paint
Paint with 3D effects on any surface with ease

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Walmart: A retail giant with competitive craft supply prices, Walmart is an ideal destination for basic craft materials. New customers can enjoy $10 off $50+ orders with coupon code WOWFRESH, making creativity more affordable.

Shop for all of your artistic needs at one convenient retailer: Walmart
Get creative with the best art supplies at Walmart

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Etsy: A treasure trove of unique and handcrafted craft supplies, Etsy offers distinctive and one-of-a-kind materials for your creative projects. With promotions offering up to 50% off and free shipping, Etsy supports creators and crafters alike.

Hobby Lobby: Known for its extensive craft selection and captivating home decor, Hobby Lobby is a recent favorite. Its revolving sales enable you to plan your purchases according to your specific category’s discount period. With stores in 47 states, an online presence, and attractive deals, it’s the ultimate choice for budget-conscious shoppers and home decor enthusiasts.

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Remember, while creating art is a labor of love, finding ways to reduce the cost of materials is an essential aspect of maintaining a sustainable art practice. These strategies empower you to express your artistic vision without the weight of financial constraints.

Discover how to create better art for less money.
Make art without breaking the bank with our tips and tricks!

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