Michaels Unveils MakerPlace: Your Ultimate Creative Hub!

MichaelsArtistic Inspiration Begins at Michaels' Art Supplies
Artistic Inspiration Begins at Michaels’ Art Supplies

Michaels, the beloved arts and crafts haven, has just opened the virtual doors to its latest venture: MakerPlace, an innovative online marketplace catering to craft enthusiasts and artists alike. But what sets MakerPlace apart? Let’s dive in!

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What is MakerPlace, and Why Should You Care?

Imagine a place where creativity knows no bounds. MakerPlace by Michaels is not just an ordinary online marketplace; it’s a vibrant community where handmade wonders meet expert-led classes and comprehensive how-to guides. Launched after an extensive three-month beta test, MakerPlace promises a one-stop destination for all things creative.

Crafting Workshops at MakerPlace
Crafting Workshops at MakerPlace

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What Can You Find on MakerPlace?

Get ready to be mesmerized by a treasure trove of handmade goods, ranging from exquisite jewelry to stunning art pieces and home decor items. But that’s not all – MakerPlace is also your go-to platform for learning. Dive into skill-enhancing classes led by seasoned artists or explore detailed guides to refine your craft. The best part? You can directly support artisans by purchasing their supplies through Michaels, giving them the recognition they deserve.

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Why MakerPlace Matters in the Crafting World?

In the bustling world of online marketplaces, MakerPlace stands out by demolishing barriers. It’s not just a marketplace; it’s a movement. Three out of four artisans felt a void in existing online platforms, plagued by high costs, listing fees, and an overflow of mass-produced items. MakerPlace is here to change that narrative. It empowers artists, lowers entry barriers, and allows them to earn more with every creation. Whether you’re an enthusiast seeking unique handmade pieces or an artist looking to showcase your talents, MakerPlace is your new creative haven.

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Is MakerPlace Right for You?

Are you passionate about handmade art, gifts, and goods? Do you aspire to enhance your skills or explore the world of crafting? Do you want to support artisans directly and foster a thriving creative community? If your answer is yes, then MakerPlace is tailor-made for you.

Your Artistic Journey Starts Here: Michaels' Art Supplies
Your Artistic Journey Starts Here: Michaels’ Art Supplies

Michaels understands your creative cravings, and they’re offering a special incentive to join MakerPlace. Use the coupon code “30ERPNOVSV” at checkout to enjoy a delightful 30% discount on all regular price purchases. It’s not just a shopping spree; it’s an investment in creativity and community.

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If you’re looking to explore unique handmade goods, enhance your crafting skills, or embark on your creative journey, MakerPlace could be the platform you’ve been waiting for. It’s a digital space where creativity knows no bounds, and where your passion for crafting can truly flourish. Join the MakerPlace community and discover a world of possibilities.


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