Paw & Tail’s Holiday Collection at JCPenney: A Festive Treat for Your Furry Friends

JCPenneyTreat your beloved pet to Paw & Tail's amazing Holiday Collection!
Indulge your furry companion with Paw & Tail’s exclusive Holiday Collection.

The holiday season is a time for spreading joy and warmth, and what better way to do that than by pampering your beloved pets? JCPenney’s Paw & Tail Holiday Collection is here to make sure your furry friends have a festive and fun-filled holiday season. From playful toys to stylish accessories, this collection has it all.

Can you stack JCPenney coupons?

Well, the answer is yes! JCPenney allows you to use more than one coupon at a time, as long as each offer is of a different type. It’s time to take full advantage of these opportunities to save.

Introducing JCPenney's charming Paw & Tail Holiday Collection
Experience the magic of the holiday season with JCPenney’s delightful and festive Paw & Tail Collection.

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How to get free shipping for JCPenney?

You can enjoy free shipping on orders of $49 or more at JCPenney, making it easier than ever to spoil your furry friend with Paw & Tail’s Holiday Collection.

Let’s explore some of the delightful items that your pets will adore.

Check out our irresistible Ice Cream Dog Chew Toy and adorable Pom Pom Dog Collar now.
Discover the adorable Ice Cream Dog Chew Toy and Pom Pom Dog Collar, available now at JCPenney!

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Paw & Tail Ice Cream Dog Chew Toy – $7.99 (50% off, was $16)

Have you ever seen your dog’s eyes light up with excitement? The Paw & Tail Ice Cream Dog Chew Toy will do just that. This charming toy, now at a 50% discount, is not only a treat for your pup but also a delightful addition to your holiday decor. Its soft plush material and festive ice cream design will have your dog playing with joy.

Paw & Tail Pom Pom Dog Collar – $7.99 (50% off, was $16)

Your dog deserves to join in the holiday festivities, and the Paw & Tail Pom Pom Dog Collar is the perfect accessory. Adorned with red and green pom-poms, this collar adds a touch of festive fun to any gathering. At 50% off, it’s a steal that will make Christmas morning even more special.

Stylish Dog Bandana Bowtie Set Now Available at JCPenney
Shop the stylish Dog Bandana Bowtie Set at JCPenney

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Paw & Tail Gingerbread Dog Bandana Bowtie Set – $11.99 (50% off, was $24)

Dress your furry friend in style with the Paw & Tail Gingerbread Dog Bandana Bowtie Set. Made from gingerbread-print twill, this set includes a large bandana and a coordinating bowtie. It’s not just an outfit; it’s a statement of holiday cheer, and now you can have it at half the price.

Get in the holiday spirit with our adorable Reindeer Head And Hat Dog Headband at JCPenney.
Get ready for the holidays with the adorable Reindeer Head And Hat Dog Headband at JCPenney!

Paw & Tail Reindeer Head And Hat Dog Headband – $17.99 (51% off, was $37)

Imagine your dog as a festive reindeer, complete with a plush reindeer head toy. The Paw & Tail Reindeer Head And Hat Dog Headband will make this delightful dream come true. With soft fleece and faux fur, this headband is a must for any holiday gathering.

Get your furry friend into the holiday spirit with our adorable Christmas Lights Dog Sweater, available now at JCPenney!
Get your pup into the festive spirit with the adorable Christmas Lights Dog Sweater now available at JCPenney.

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Paw & Tail Christmas Lights Dog Sweater – $12.99 (51% off, was $27)

Your dog will look ready for holiday celebrations in the Paw & Tail Christmas Lights Dog Sweater. Made from a soft knit with embroidered Christmas light designs, this sweater is not only cozy but also stylish.

Paw & Tail Reindeer Dog Sweater – $12.99 (51% off, was $27)

Let your dog be the star of the show at holiday gatherings with the Paw & Tail Reindeer Dog Sweater. This soft knit sweater features a reindeer design with pom-pom adornments. Its front leg openings make it easy to put on, and at 51% off, it’s an offer that’s hard to resist.

Paw & Tail Gingerbread Dog Vest – $19.99 (50% off, was $40)

Wrap your dog in the cozy charm of the Paw & Tail Gingerbread Dog Vest. This vest, made from soft fleece and gingerbread-print twill, is not only adorable but also easy to put on and take off thanks to hook-and-loop tape closures.

Discover the enchanting Tree Dog Headband exclusively at JCPenney.
Get your paws on the trendy Tree Dog Headband exclusively at JCPenney!

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Paw & Tail Tree Dog Headband – $7.99 (50% off, was $16)

For a fun holiday makeover, the Paw & Tail Tree Dog Headband is a must-have accessory. Made from soft fleece in a Christmas tree design, this headband can be securely fastened with an adjustable tie closure. Your dog will be the talk of the town at holiday gatherings.

Paw & Tail Rope Santa Dog Rope Toy – $7.99 (50% off, was $16)

Add more joy to your dog’s holiday season with the Paw & Tail Rope Santa Dog Rope Toy. Shaped like Santa and made from soft plush material, this toy includes a rope section for your dog’s enjoyment.

Introducing the Donut With Rope Dog Rope Toy - available now at JCPenney.
Get a Donut With Rope Dog Toy at JCPenney for endless fun and play!

Paw & Tail Donut With Rope Dog Rope Toy – $7.99 (50% off, was $16)

Keep your dog entertained during the holidays with the Paw & Tail Donut With Rope Dog Rope Toy. This set includes a holiday-themed soft plush donut toy with embroidered details, complete with a twisted rope attached.

Experience ultimate comfort with the Cuddler Gift Set Pet Bed, exclusively at JCPenney.
Introducing our Cuddler Gift Set Pet Bed – a perfect treat for your furry friend.

Paw & Tail Cuddler Gift Set Pet Bed – $34.99 (50% off, was $70)

Show your dog the ultimate holiday treat with the Paw & Tail Cuddler Gift Set Pet Bed. This set includes a dog bed, coordinating blanket, and a bone-shaped pillow, all made from soft faux fur and plaid-print fabric. Your furry friend will be in pet heaven, and you’ll enjoy a 50% discount.

Stylish and Functional Puffer Dog Vest - Available at JCPenney
Stay stylish and keep your furry friend warm with the Puffer Dog Vest from JCPenney.

Paw & Tail Puffer Dog Vest – $19.99 (50% off, was $40)

When the chill of the holiday season sets in, keep your dog cozy with the Paw & Tail Puffer Dog Vest. This vest features a warm quilted blend with a striped multicolor pattern. With hook-and-loop tape closures and adjustable ties, it’s a practical choice that’s now available at a 50% discount. This holiday season, don’t forget your loyal companions. Make it a festive and joyful time for them too, with Paw & Tail’s delightful collection at JCPenney. With discounts and coupon codes like “GOTGIFTS,” you can ensure your pets have a happy and stylish holiday season. Hurry and grab these offers before they disappear, and create unforgettable memories with your furry friends.


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