Orijen vs Stella and Chewy’s: Which is the superior choice?

PetsUncover the unique contrasts between Orijen and Stella and Chewy's Pet Foods.
Uncover the unique qualities that set Orijen apart from Stella & Chewy’s pet food.

Discover the distinct differences between Orijen and Stella and Chewy’s in this comprehensive pet food brand comparison. Using the latest nutritional and pricing data, we aim to provide you with an unbiased analysis.

When selecting the ideal pet food brand for your furry companion, we considered various factors, including ingredient quality, guaranteed analysis, product safety, brand reputation, and affordability. Rest assured, this comparison is based on reliable averages to help you make an informed decision.

Discover the ultimate in pet nutrition with Stella & Chewy's raw and natural pet food.
Experience the raw and natural goodness of Stella & Chewy’s pet food.

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Comparing Orijen and Stella and Chewy’s: A Clear Analysis

To properly assess pet food, AAFCO mandates a guaranteed analysis be displayed on all labels. This analysis includes minimum percentages of crude protein and crude fat, as well as maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture.

For this comparison, we have considered the average percentages on a dry matter basis.

Introducing Stella & Chewy's freeze dried pet food
Introducing Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried pet food line.

Orijen vs. Stella and Chewy’s Dog Food

Dry Dog FoodOrijenStella and Chewy’s
Crude Protein42.6%37.4%
Crude Fat22.4%23.1%
Crude Fiber5.6%5.7%
Wet/Canned Dog FoodOrijenStella and Chewy’s
Crude Protein57.2%51.4%
Crude Fat24.5%22.2%
Crude Fiber7.7%9.3%

Comparing Crude Protein Content in Dog Food

Ensuring your dog receives an adequate amount of protein is crucial for their overall health. A deficiency in protein can lead to a variety of serious health issues.

When comparing dry recipes, Orijen offers 5.2% more protein than Stella and Chewy’s. This notable difference in protein content sets Orijen apart from Stella and Chewy’s. Moreover, Orijen’s wet dog foods also provide a higher protein content compared to Stella and Chewy’s wet options.

Discover the protein powerhouse: Orijen outperforms Stella and Chewy's with 5.2% more protein!
Boost your pet’s protein intake with Orijen – 5.2% more protein than Stella and Chewy’s!

Comparing Crude Fat Content in Dog Food

Dietary fats play a crucial role in the development and function of our dogs. Here are some of the benefits:

  • They help produce prostaglandins, which reduce inflammation and perform other important functions;
  • They aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins;
  • They improve the health of the skin and coat;
  • They enhance the taste and texture of your dog’s food.
Introducing Stella and Chewy's incredible raw blend pet food line
Introducing Stella and Chewy’s raw blend pet food line.

When comparing the crude fat content, both Orijen and Stella and Chewy’s offer a similar amount. In wet dog food, Orijen slightly edges out with about 2.3% more fat.

Similarly, when it comes to crude fiber content, both Stella and Chewy’s and Orijen provide similar amounts in their wet dog food.

Discover the expansive selection of Orijen pet food.
Discover the incredible variety of Orijen pet food.

Orijen vs. Stella and Chewy’s Cat Food

Dry Cat FoodOrijenStella and Chewy’s
Crude Protein44.4%43.3%
Crude Fat20.9%25.2%
Crude Fiber4.1%5.6%

Comparing Crude Protein Content in Cat Food

The importance of protein in your cat’s diet cannot be overstated. A lack of sufficient protein can lead to various significant health issues for cats.

When it comes to providing crude protein, both Stella and Chewy’s and Orijen offer similar amounts.

Experience the best pet food with Stella and Chewy's - we only use the good stuff!
Experience the best pet food at Stella and Chewy’s – only the good stuff.

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Comparing Crude Fat Content in Cat Food

The table clearly demonstrates that Orijen has significantly lower fat content compared to Stella and Chewy’s. In fact, the difference in fat content between the two brands is approximately 4.3%. The difference in crude fiber content between the two brands is minimal.

Discover a vast selection of Stella and Chewy's pet food.
Introducing our extensive selection of Stella and Chewy’s premium pet food.

Pet Food Ingredients Comparison: Orijen vs. Stella and Chewy’s

Here are some thought-provoking ingredients used only by Stella and Chewy’s:

  • Pea Protein – This protein is produced by removing the starchy parts of peas. Pea protein provides a significant increase in plant-based protein. However, it is worth noting that vegetable protein usually has a lower biological value compared to protein of meat origin;
  • Tomato Pomace – It is an often misunderstood byproduct of tomato production. While some may dismiss this as cheap and low-quality filler, the truth is far from the truth. Loaded with dietary fiber, essential B vitamins, the powerful antioxidant lycopene and vitamin A, tomato puree boasts an excellent nutritional profile;
  • Vegetable Oil – The ingredient in question is vegetable oil, but it does not specify the specific vegetables used in its production;
  • Canola Oil (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols) – Critics raise concerns about its genetically modified origins and potential negative health effects.
Discover Stella & Chewy's with their commitment to responsible sourcing and 100% organic ingredients for your pet's nutrition.
Discover Stella & Chewy’s pet food, crafted with responsibly sourced meat and 100% organic fruits and veggies.

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Understanding the Recall History of Orijen & Stella and Chewy’s

Orijen, a pet food brand, underwent a recall on November 22, 2008 due to consequences related to irradiation treatment.

In contrast, Stella and Chewy’s, another pet food brand, experienced two recalls. The first occurred on July 5, 2015 due to the presence of Listeria monocytogenes, and the second on December 11, 2015 also as a result of Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Which Brand Is More Expensive: Orijen or Stella and Chewy’s?

Dry Dog FoodOrijenStella and Chewy’s
Per Pound$12.56$26.10
Per Calorie$0.006$0.012
Dry Cat FoodOrijenStella and Chewy’s
Per Pound$6.6$41.70
Per Calorie$0.004$0.02

When comparing different brands of food products, the average cost per pound can be misleading due to variations in moisture content. However, by focusing on the average cost per calorie, we can eliminate the impact of moisture and obtain a more accurate metric for comparison. Therefore, the average cost per calorie is the superior factor to consider.

Introducing Stella & Chewy's Oven Baked Kibble: The Perfect Blend of Crunchy and Raw!
Introducing Stella & Chewy’s: Oven Baked Kibble with a delectable freeze-dried raw coating.

Find out Where to Buy Orijen Pet Foods?

Check the availability of Orijen pet food in these stores:

  • Petco 49 results;
  • Chewy 38 results;
  • PetFlow 38 results;
  • Amazon 23 results.

Find out Where to Buy Stella and Chewy’s Pet Foods?

  • Petco 134 results;
  • Chewy 201 results;
  • PetFlow 59 results;
  • Amazon 34 results.
Discover the perfect location to purchase Stella & Chewy's pet foods
Discover the best places to purchase Stella & Chewy’s pet foods.

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How to Save on Orijen or Stella and Chewy’s Pet Foods?

  • Petco offers Same Day Delivery Plus a discount on orders over $50.
  • With Chewy coupons, you can save up to 30% on select items and free shipping, and new customers can get $20 off their first $49 order.
  • With PetFlow coupons, you can save up to 35% off select items and free shipping.
  • Also check out Only Natural Pet coupons, this store carries items from these brands.

Ultimately, you must choose a food that fits your pet’s specific nutritional needs and your budget. If you have the means, then Orijen would be an ideal choice for superior ingredient quality. However, if cost is a primary concern, then Stella and Chewy’s could offer both taste and nutrition at an affordable price-point. Whatever the case may be, pet owners know best when it comes to harnessing the power of nutrients to promote long-term health. As such, it pays to be informed when selecting a pet food brand. All in all, this comparison was crafted with both safety and value in mind – making it easier for pet owners to find the perfect balance between nutrition and affordability.

Choose Orijen for top-notch ingredient quality.
Experience superior ingredient quality with Orijen – the ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer things.

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