Hobby Lobby’s Holiday Return Policy. What to Know

Hobby LobbyGet inspired today and start creating – come to Hobby Lobby
Get inspired today and start creating – come to Hobby Lobby

Are you a frequent shopper at Hobby Lobby? If so, understanding the ins and outs of their return policy is crucial for ensuring a smooth refund process, whether you shop in-store or online. Here are ten savvy tips to guide you through the Hobby Lobby return experience:

1. The 90-Day Window:

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Hobby Lobby graciously offers a 90-day return period for both online and in-store purchases. For in-store returns, you can opt for a refund, exchange, or store credit. Meanwhile, online returns on HobbyLobby.com will credit your original payment method or issue a gift card.

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2. Return Restrictions:

Some items, like Cricut machines, HeatPressNation machines, and certain sewing machines, come with return restrictions. These products, if unboxed, cannot be returned or exchanged without the original receipt.

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What is the Hobby Lobby return policy for opened items?

HobbyLobby.com does not accept returns for opened items unless they are damaged, defective, or incorrect. Additionally, certain items like Cricut machines, HeatPressNation machines, and select sewing machines cannot be returned if their packaging is opened.

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3. In-Store Returns Without a Receipt:

Can I return an item to Hobby Lobby without a receipt? Yes, in-store returns without a receipt are accepted, but brace yourself for store credit or an exchange based on the item’s lowest price over the previous 60 days. Don’t forget your valid ID!

Can Hobby Lobby look up my receipt?

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Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby cannot retrieve in-store purchase receipts. However, contacting customer service via email or phone can help you obtain a copy of an invoice for online purchases.

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4. Online Purchase Paperwork:

Mailing back an online purchase? Ensure you include the return form or invoice. For in-store returns, having the invoice handy will guarantee a full refund in the form of a Hobby Lobby gift card.

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5. Exclusions on High-Value Items:

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Single-line items totaling $250 or more can’t be returned to a physical store. They must remain unopened and in sellable condition for a return via HobbyLobby.com.

6. Refund Processing Time:

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Patience is a virtue; HobbyLobby.com refunds may take up to two weeks to be processed after the item is shipped.

7. Shipping Costs on Returns:

When returning orders to HobbyLobby.com, be prepared to foot the shipping bill. Additionally, original shipping charges won’t be credited unless the return results from a Hobby Lobby error.

8. Restocking Fees on Bulk Purchases:

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Beware of a potential 20% restocking fee on returns of bulk seasonal purchases, encompassing holiday, graduation, and back-to-school items.

9. No Exchanges for Online Purchases:

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Planning to swap an item? Hobby Lobby prefers the return-and-repurchase method rather than facilitating direct exchanges for online orders.

10. Handle Damaged Items with Care:

Contact Hobby Lobby’s customer service promptly if you receive damaged, defective, or incorrect merchandise. Prioritize communication before initiating returns.

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