Michaels Takes Pumpkins to a Whole New Level for Halloween

MichaelsMichaels Personalized Pumpkins
Shop custom carved pumpkins for only $18 (reg. $30) at Michaels.

Discover a whole new level of pumpkin decorating this Halloween at Michaels. Get ready to uncover a world of creative possibilities that go way beyond the traditional jack-o’-lantern. With their wide range of craft supplies and expert tips, you can transform pumpkins into one-of-a-kind decorations that will impress everyone on your block. Join us in exploring the endless options for spook-tacular pumpkin decorating and make this Halloween truly unforgettable.

Michaels Custom Carved Pumpkin
Ghost Custom Pumpkin for as low as $18 at Michaels.com

For many people, pumpkins are a must-have decoration during this season. But if you’re looking to take your pumpkin game to the next level, consider investing in Michaels custom carved pumpkins. These pumpkins are the perfect way to add a unique touch to your Halloween decor and impress your guests.

Can you carve Michael’s pumpkins yourself?

Yes, Create your perfect jack-o’-lantern easily with Michaels craft pumpkins and a hot knife. But be cautious – hot knives are hot!

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This blog post will take a closer look at what makes Michaels custom carved pumpkins so special.

Superior Quality

Michaels is known for its high-quality products, and their custom carved pumpkins are no exception. Each pumpkin is carved by skilled artisans who pay close attention to detail to bring your design to life. The pumpkins are made from premium materials that are built to last, and they are designed to withstand the elements, making them ideal for outdoor displays. But some materials may be flammable, so use LED lighting.

New Designs of Custom Carved Pumpkins from Michaels
New designs of custom carved pumpkins from Michaels.

Endless Design Possibilities

The best thing about Michaels custom carved pumpkins is that the design possibilities are endless. Their custom carved pumpkins can be personalized with any design you want, whether it’s a family name, pet name or house number. For Halloween inspiration, visit Michaels.com and Michaels Halloween Pinterest boards.

What are Michaels custom-carved fall & Halloween pumpkins made of?

These unique creations are crafted from durable plastic/polyurethane, featuring a convenient 2″ opening for lighting. Safety is paramount, so make sure to use LED lighting to bring these pumpkins to life.

Customizable Options

In addition to design options, Michaels custom carved pumpkins are also available in 3 colors. You can choose Orange, White or Black to create the design you want. To make your display even more impressive, you can choose different lighting options, such as LED lamps or tea lights.

All Pumpkins Available at Michaels
Pumpkin decor options for all your fall needs from Michaels.

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Affordable Pricing

One of the best things about Michaels custom carved pumpkins is that they’re affordable, right now they’re 40% off. Prices can vary depending on the design, size, and lighting options you choose, but are usually much cheaper than hiring a professional pumpkin carver. Also, similar Halloween pumpkins can now be ordered with a 60% discount in Personalization Mall, and if you use a discount coupon, you will receive an additional 20% off.

Michaels Block Font Acorns Custom Pumpkin
Amazing Halloween Pumpkin from Michaels, Now 40% off!

What are craft pumpkins from Michaels?

These pumpkins have a classic pumpkin shape, making them an ideal choice for your home. While they may be a bit thin for carving, they still offer a great option for displaying your creativity. However, if you really want to make a lasting impression on your friends, will be better to order a carving in a store.

So if you’re looking to add a unique touch to your Halloween decor, consider Michaels custom carved pumpkins. With high quality, endless design possibilities, customizable options, convenient online ordering and an affordable price, we think these pumpkins are a must-have for every Halloween lover. So why settle for a plain old pumpkin when you can have a custom carved one? Order yours today and take your Halloween decor to the next level!


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