Corgi Beach Day 2023

PetsCorgi Beach Day
Corgi Beach Day 2023 was held at Huntington Dog Beach.

On April the 1st Huntington Dog Beach was home to Corgi Beach Day held annually since 2012. And if the first event had only 15 corgi participants, over 1 thousand corgis have joined the celebration this year. The festival welcomes not only corgis and their owners, but also all dogs whatever their breed may be, although only corgi can participate in the festival contests.

Corgi Beach Day Festival
Thousands of people with their pets gathered to take part in Corgi Beach Day festivities.

It was the first time I visited Corgi Beach Day and I can say it’s a great family- and dog-friendly event. I brought my younger son with me, and he was thrilled to see so many cute dogs gathered at one place. Even though we don’t own a dog right now, we love pets very much.

Dog Treat Truck
Dog Treat Truck at Corgi Beach Day, Huntington Dog Beach.

I liked the laid-back atmosphere of this free event and how well it was organized. It has everything it takes for a fun pet show: food trucks with delicious food, numerous locations for incredible photos, fun competitions on the main arena and the vendor village.

Primal sample giveaway
Primal Pet Foods samples at Corgi Beach Day.

A number of well-known and trusted vendors came to Corgi Beach Day celebration to offer their products and give away samples of dog food at the vendor village. There I saw a pet food brand Primal that I used to buy for my dog. Also, at the event was a store locator, so visitors could find the store which is closest to them. Pet Supermarket always carries Primal pet food. It’s a large pet store that offers everything you might need for a pet. You can learn more about Primal pet food brand on their Instagram page.

Primal Pet Food
Primal Pet Foods products at Corgi Beach Day

However, Pet Supermarket is not available in every city. If there is none in yours, you can always go online. I ordered Primal dog food online at Chewy. They always carry this popular pet food brand known for its quality ingredients and reasonable prices. The advantage of ordering pet food at Chewy is no need to travel to the store and the opportunity to save on your purchase with Chewy Coupon Code. Chewy has a practice of sending its coupons from time to time to its customers via email, making shopping from them even more affordable. As a rule, online stores charge lower prices as they don’t need to hire lots of staff and pay for the store premises. As a result, they are able to pass these savings on to their customers, offering the same brands at a cheaper price. Today, it was interesting for me to find out what new treats they have added. In fact, after this event we even consider buying a dog!

Gifts for Fog Owners
Funny Corgi Towels at Corgi Beach Day 2023

But what I can’t order at Chewy is personalized items & unique gifts for pets and their owners. I love personalized stuff and regularly buy it at Personalization Mall. In fact, they also offer personalized clothing and accessories for dogs as well.

Daphne's Dawggie Delights & Designs
Daphnie’s Dawggie Delights & Designs offers personalized pet products for dogs and their owners.

At Corgi Beach Day I saw Daphne’s Dawggie Delights & Designs offering cute, personalized items for dogs and their humans. They have their store at Etsy and can be found on Instagram as well.

So Cal Corgi Nation festivities
Sa Cal Corgi Nation banner at Corgi Beach Day 2023.

Corgi Beach Day festivities started at 10 am and lasted till 3 pm. We arrived about 11 am and could hardly find the parking lots. Thousands of people came to join Corgi Beach Day celebrations.

Corgi Beach Day Festival Visitors
Corgi Beach Day Festival always attracts many visitors

Now I understand why the event is so popular among the locals and not only. The dog contests held there are just incredible. There were many competitions, including the contest on who eats the pie fastest, who crawls under the stick, the best corgi butt, and many others. It’s an event for everyone who loves pets.

You can watch the contests held at Corgi Beach Day on Instagram page of Constantine Summer, a big dog lover.

Puppy Treat Bar
Puppy Treat Bar with delicious dog treats at Corgi Beach Day 2023.

Most kids adore pets and traditionally there are many children at Corgi Beach Day each year. Puppy Treat Bar is the place where you can definitely meet many puppies and interact with them if the pet owner sallow you to do so.

Just Food for Dogs pet food
Assortment of JustFoodForDogs products at Corgi Beach Day 2023.

As for me personally I discovered some new pet brands, such as Nakedbeasts, JustFoodForDogs, Tilted Burn, Tworgis, KiloNiner, K9 Sport Sack and some others.

Kiloniner pet gear
Kiloniner dog gear at Corgi Beach Day 2023.

Kiloniner and K9 Sport Sack specialize in adventure gear for pets and their owners. If the products of the first manufacturer are focused only on pets (pet tactical gear, pet apparel & accessories), then the products of the second manufacturer will be useful for both the dog and its owner, namely a backpack for carrying a dog.

Representatives of K9 Sport Sack
Representatives of K9 Sport Sack at Corgi Beach Day 2023.

The K9 Sport Sack dog carrier piqued my interest after seeing many dog owners with the company’s products.

Corgi in a Carrying Backpack
Dog backpack carrier is a convenient way to transport your furry friend.

For exhausted after-competition furry friends, I think it’s a safe and comfortable way to transport while also freeing up your hands.

Tworgis Bags
Tworgis Corgi Gifts, Adorable Bags & Accessories at Corgi Beach Day.

For me, only products from Tworgis can compete with the K9 Sport Sack. Their collection of corgi-themed products includes the cutest and most functional items you’ll ever find, from adorable tote bags to high-quality gifts that will delight any recipient.

corgi contests
Pets could try various dog food and treats at Corgi Beach Day 2023.

We spent 4 hours at Corgi Beach Day and never felt bored. The event was so much fun.

pet treats
Nakedbeasts products offered at Corgi Beach Day 2023.

There are so many different things to do, from contests to watch to delicious food to eat, and not only for pets. Pet owners could find plenty of entertainment and gourmet snacks at Corgi Beach Day too.

Sale of Cool Dog Stuff
Sale of Cool things for dogs at Corgi Beach Day Festival

We are going to visit this celebration next year, hopefully with a new dog. We fell in love with corgis that day and there is a high probability that we will become the happy owners of one of these amazingly smart dogs soon.

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