Michael’s Credit Card. Should You Get One? Read Our Pros and Cons

MichaelsCraft all you want, worry less with the Michaels Credit Card – save on your favorite crafting supplies without breaking the bank
Get creative and stretch your crafting budget with the Michaels Credit Card

The Michaels Credit Card, issued by Comenity Bank, holds the promise of substantial savings on all your crafting essentials, from glitter to glue and googly eyes.

Swipe to Craft: Michaels Credit Card Maximizes Your Creative Potency!
Swipe to Craft: Michaels Credit Card Maximizes Your Creative Potency!

However, as we delve into the details, it becomes evident that only the most strategic shoppers will truly capitalize on this card’s potential.

Crafting the Michaels Credit Card Narrative: A Deep Dive into the Details

1. Exclusive to Michaels Purchases

Use your Michaels Credit Card to maximize your savings on all of your favorite arts and craft supplies.
Shop and save with Michaels Credit Card rewards – 9% back on every purchase!

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While the Michaels Credit Card offers a lucrative 9% back on Michaels Store purchases, it’s essential to note that this is a closed-loop card. This means it can only be used within Michaels stores or on Michaels.com. Moreover, the rewards earned can exclusively be redeemed at Michaels, limiting your options compared to general-purpose cash-back cards.

2. Rewards: Trackable Yet Fleetingly Time-Bound

Transform your kitchen into a bakery with Michaels’ customizable treats!
Make your dessert spread glow with the magical meltables from Michaels!

Tracking and redeeming rewards with the Michaels Credit Card is refreshingly straightforward. Earned rewards, issued in $5 increments, are conveniently tracked online or in the Michaels app. However, the catch lies in the expiration period – rewards vouchers expire 32 days from the issue date. Crafting a strategy to make the most of your rewards becomes crucial with this time constraint.

3. Perks’ Quality Raises Questions

Benefits of having a Michaels Credit Card: special financing offers, one-time discounts, and more.
Get 20% off your first purchase when you sign up for the Michaels Credit Card

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The Michaels Credit Card boasts additional perks, including a one-time 20% discount on the first purchase, occasional free shipping, and periodic special financing offers. However, the true value of these perks becomes uncertain when considering Michaels’ ongoing sales incentives and the availability of similar discounts without card membership.

4. The Burden of a Balance

Make your packages look special with Michaels’ beautiful ribbons for an extra layer of fun.
Add creativity to any project or occasion with Michaels’ colorful ribbons.

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With a hefty 29.99% APR, the Michaels card can quickly lose its luster if you carry a balance. The interest rates far exceed the credit card average, emphasizing the importance of paying off your balance promptly to avoid nullifying any earned rewards.

5. Credit Card Rewards vs. Free-to-Join Program

Let Michaels be your partner in creativity and develop your artwork to its fullest potential
Unleash your artistic side with the wide selection of drawing tools at Michaels

The 9% back in rewards might seem enticing, but it’s crucial to recognize that this rate includes the Michaels free-to-join rewards program’s base earnings of 3%. Members with over $300 in eligible purchases receive 6%, making the credit card’s additional 3% rewards less impressive for many frequent shoppers.

Crafting Your Credit Card Strategy: Is Michaels the Best Canvas?

Be the artist you always wanted to be with Creatology
Unleash your creative side with Creatology from Michaels

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For the avid Michaels crafter, the Michaels Credit Card might hold allure, but its limitations and potential pitfalls make it imperative to weigh your options. Consider whether a general-purpose cash-back credit card offers more versatility, providing true cash back without the time constraints or exclusivity of the Michaels Credit Card.

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Get ready for Fall with 70% off clearance at Michaels!

The Michaels Credit Card is a tool for the craftiest of shoppers, requiring meticulous planning and a penchant for strategic crafting to truly reap the rewards it promises. Unlock the full potential of the Michaels Credit Card by navigating these intricacies, ensuring your crafting journey is not just creative but financially savvy. Craft on, savvy shoppers!

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