The 7 Best Deals on Chewy This August

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Save $20 on your first purchase of $49 or more with promo code GET20 at Chewy

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As a pet owner, you’re always looking for ways to keep your pet happy and healthy without breaking the bank. Chewy is a leading online pet supply retailer that offers a wide range of products, from food to toys and everything in between, at competitive prices. And this month, they’re offering some truly unbeatable deals. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the 7 best deals on Chewy this August, so you can score some great savings while keeping your furry, feathered, or scaled friend happy.

August's Hottest Chewy Deals
Summer Savings: Get the Best Deals on Chewy in August!

Hill’s Science Diet:

If you’re looking for a high-quality pet food brand that is recommended by veterinarians, Hill’s Science Diet might just be what you need.

Feed shelter pets with Hill's Science Diet, the veterinarian recommended brand.
Looking for veterinarian-recommended pet food? Try Hill’s Science Diet.

And this month, you can stock up on this premium pet food brand for your furry friend without breaking the bank. Chewy offers an extra 15% off on Hill’s Science Diet with the code SCIENCEDIETSAVE15, making it a great opportunity to save money while still providing the best for your pet.

Get an extra 15% off on Hill's Science Diet at Chewy with code SCIENCEDIETSAVE15!
Get 15% off Hill’s Science Diet at Chewy with promo code SCIENCEDIETSAVE15.

Is Hill’s Science Diet recommended by vets? Hill’s Science Diet is formulated to meet your pet’s nutritional requirements through different life stages, lifestyles, and life care needs. Plus, it’s the #1 veterinarian recommended pet food brand over any other brand. So, why not give Hill’s Science Diet a try and give the best to your beloved pet?

Hill's Science Diet: Ideal nutrition for every stage, style, and need.
Hill’s Science Diet: Meeting Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs.

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Dog Beds:

Pampering our four-legged friends is a top priority for most pet owners, and Chewy always seems to have our back. Right now, they’re offering up to 60% off on dog beds, with a special deal for new customers to sweeten the pot. But what type of bed is best for your furry companion? Do dogs prefer soft or hard beds? It’s a question that has left many scratching their heads, but fear not – we’ve got some answers. While dogs don’t require ridiculously soft beds (despite their love for them), they do need a comfortable surface to rest upon.

Get up to 60% off dog beds at Chewy.
Chewy offers up to 60% off on dog beds.

And when it comes to comfort, Kong has proven to be a trusted brand amongst many pet owners. Do dogs need blankets? Well, for dogs with medical issues that require extra care and attention, they may be necessary. So, take advantage of Chewy’s unbeatable deals and give your furry friend the gift of a comfortable, restful sleep.

Trust Kong for ultimate pet comfort.
Kong: A trusted brand for pet comfort.

Goody Boxes:

Chewy’s Goody Boxes are a fun and exciting way to treat your pet to a variety of toys and treats. Are Chewy boxes really worth it? As a pet owner, I was skeptical at first. However, after receiving my first Chewy box, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does Chewy offer a wide range of products at competitive prices, but their subscription service saves even more time and money. This month, Chewy is offering special deals on three different Goody Boxes, including the Back to School Cat Toys & Treats for $25.99 (was $33.02), the Birthday Cat Toys, Treats & Collar for $25.99 (was $40.20), and the Movie Night Dog Toys & Treats, Medium/Large for $27.99 (was $70.75). These Goody Boxes are a great way to surprise your cat or dog with new toys and treats while also saving money.

Get Chewy's Goody Boxes for a thrilling and enjoyable pet pampering experience with a mix of toys and treats.
Get your pet excited with Chewy’s Goody Boxes – a playful assortment of toys and treats!

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Halloween Toys:

With Halloween just around the corner, Chewy is offering a great selection of Halloween toys starting at just $4.48.

Get ready for Halloween with Chewy's amazing selection of spooky toys, starting at only $4.48.
Get in the Halloween spirit with Chewy’s spook-tacular toy collection, starting at $4.48.

From spooky squeaky toys to adorable pet costumes, Chewy has everything you need to get your pet in the holiday spirit. And with great discounts on these products, now is the perfect time to stock up on Halloween goodies for your furry friend.

Get your pet in the holiday spirit with Chewy’s range of spooky toys and adorable costumes.
Get your pet in the holiday spirit with Chewy’s spooky squeaky toys and adorable pet costumes.

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What is a dog’s favorite toy? For dogs, fetch toys are always a hit. Oddly shaped rubber toys like Kongs bounce erratically, making the game even more fun.

Stock up on Halloween goodies for your furry friend now - with amazing discounts!
Stock up on Halloween treats for your furry friend with amazing discounts now at Chewy

What toys do cats love the most? As for cats, they love toys that tap into their prey drive – like toy mice and other hunting toys. Whether you have a dog or a cat, Chewy’s Halloween toys are sure to make the holiday even more enjoyable for you and your furry friend.

Cats go crazy for toys that awaken their inner hunter, like toy mice and other hunting toys.
Cats adore toys that activate their instinct to hunt – such as toy mice and other hunting toys.

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Dog Leashes:

As a responsible dog owner, you know how important it is to have a quality leash for your furry friend. And with Chewy’s selection of durable leashes starting at just $4.86, you don’t have to break the bank to keep your pup safe on walks. But with so many options available, you might be wondering: what is the best leash for walking a dog? Whether you prefer a standard leash, a retractable leash, or a hands-free leash, Chewy has something for everyone. And with the current promotion for new customers, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your pup’s gear. So why wait? Head to Chewy today and find the perfect leash for your four-legged friend.

Keep your furry friend safe on walks without breaking the bank.
Get a quality leash for your furry friend without breaking the bank.

Okocat Cat Litter:

If you’re a pet parent looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable option for your cat’s litter, look no further than Okocat. Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint, but it also comes with a great deal this month on Chewy. With up to 28% off on select Okocat cat litters and an extra discount when you buy select food, you won’t want to miss this chance to try out this innovative product. However, you may be wondering, “Is Okocat safe for cats?” The answer is yes! Made from natural, plant-based materials, Okocat is gentle on your feline friend’s paws and is safe for both them and the environment. Give Okocat a try – and both you and your cat will be glad you did!

Try Okocat, the natural, plant-based litter that's safe for your cat and the environment.
Try Okocat – the safe and eco-friendly litter made from natural, plant-based materials.

Applaws Wet Cat Food:

If your cat loves wet food, Chewy is offering a great deal on Applaws wet cat food this month. Starting at $10.99, Applaws wet cat food is made with high-quality ingredients and is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. And new customers can use the code WELCOME to get $20 off their purchase of $49 or more, plus an extra 5% off with Chewy Autoship. But is Applaws a complete wet food? While it’s a good option for supplemental feeding, it may not offer the full range of ingredients required for complete nutrition for cats. Nonetheless, if your cat is a lover of wet food, Applaws is definitely worth trying out.

Applaws wet cat food and satisfy even the fussiest eaters.
Try Applaws wet cat food – it’s made with top-quality ingredients and even the fussiest cats will love it!

Chewy is known for offering great prices and a wide selection of pet supplies, and this month, they’re offering some truly unbeatable deals. From premium pet food to fun toys and everything in between, Chewy has something for every pet owner. So if you’re looking to stock up on pet supplies and save some money, be sure to take advantage of these great deals on Chewy this August. Your furry friend will thank you!

Get ready for a fantastic deal on Applaws wet cat food at Chewy.
Get a great deal on Applaws wet cat food this month at Chewy.

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