The Best Halloween Costumes for Your Four-Legged Friends

ChewyBest Halloween Costumes for Pet
Get your pet ready to celebrate with the perfect Halloween costume.

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes the excitement of picking out costumes and dressing up in our spookiest attire. But for pet owners, the question arises of how to include our furry friends in the festivities. Halloween costumes for pets are becoming increasingly popular, but it can be tough to find the perfect outfit that both looks great and is safe for your animal.

Pets' Halloween costumes are booming in popularity.
Pets’ Halloween costumes are gaining popularity.

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How should I dress my pet for Halloween?

Dressing up pets in Halloween costumes has become a popular trend in recent years. If you’re planning on dressing up your furry friend, it’s important to make sure that the costume is safe, comfortable, and doesn’t limit their movement. The costume should not impede their ability to walk, bark, meow, see or hear clearly. Make sure the costume is made of non-toxic materials and avoid small, dangling accessories that can get chewed and swallowed.

Keep your furry friend safe, comfortable, and free to move in their costume.
Ensure your pet’s costume is safe, comfortable, and allows for unrestricted movement.

What is the best Halloween costume for a dog?

From pumpkins to minions, your pet can be virtually anything you want them to be. The best Halloween costumes for your pet depends on your pet’s personality, size, and preferences. If your dog is the type that likes attention, they may enjoy a costume that’s flashy and over-the-top. However, if your dog prefers to stay in the background, you may want to opt for a costume that’s simple and comfortable. Some popular dog Halloween costumes include superheroes, animals, hot dogs, and dinosaurs.

Transform your pet into anything you desire, from pumpkins to minions.
Discover the perfect Halloween costume based on your pet’s unique personality, size, and preferences.

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Are costumes safe for pets?

When it comes to dressing up your pet in a costume, safety should always come first. Be sure to choose a costume that fits your pet properly, isn’t too tight or too loose, and doesn’t restrict their movement or breathing. Consider your pet’s personality and choose a costume that’s appropriate for them. If your pet seems uncomfortable wearing a costume, it’s best to skip it altogether.

Think about your pet's personality when picking a costume.
Pick a costume that matches your pet’s personality.

Are you ready to get your furry friends in on the Halloween fun? Chewy has everything you need to make sure your pets are dressed to impress this spooky season. Whether your pet is a pumpkin-lover or a bat enthusiast, there’s a costume to match their personal style and size. And for those of us on a budget, Chewy’s got your back with 30% off select orders and $20 off your first $49+ order with the code WELCOME. Plus, free shipping on orders over $49 means you can get your furry friend’s costume delivered right to your door. Don’t wait until the last minute to find the purrfect costume for your pet, head to Chewy and get shopping today!

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Get a $5 discount on your first app order at Chewy with coupon code APP.

What are the top Halloween costumes for pets?

If you’re still not sure what to dress your furry friend in this Halloween, here are some top picks for pet Halloween costumes:

Pumpkin Costume

A pumpkin costume is a classic choice that will make your dog the center of attention in any Halloween gathering. The bright orange color and friendly jack-o-lantern face make for an adorable and festive look. Plus, with various sizes available and prices starting at just $4.97, it’s an affordable way to get your pet in on the Halloween fun. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your pup the cutest pumpkin in the field with this charming costume from Chewy.

Make your pup the cutest pumpkin in the field! Don't miss out on this chance.
Make your pup the cutest pumpkin in the field

Reflective Bat Wings Costume

If you’re looking for a costume that’s not too overwhelming for your pet, consider getting bat wings. With a reflective design and convenient harness attachment, your furry friend won’t even notice they’re wearing anything out of the ordinary. Plus, at just $10.99, it’s an affordable way to add a touch of festive flair to your pet’s look without breaking the bank. Trust me, your pet will thank you for it.

Get bat wings for your pet's costume! It's the perfect choice if you want something that's not too overwhelming.
Get bat wings for your pet’s costume- not too overwhelming, just perfect!

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Minions Dog Costume

If you want your pet to dress up as one of the biggest cultural icons of the year, then consider getting a Minions dog costume. This adorable costume includes a step-in shirt with a minion headpiece. It’s perfect for Halloween and any other costume party. You can find it at Chewy for $17.99.

Halloween Dog Shirts

If you want to keep it simple, a festive Halloween t-shirt will solve all your costume dilemmas. These festive t-shirts are a simple yet adorable way to get your pup in the Halloween spirit. You can choose from a variety of designs, like a spooky pumpkin or a cute ghost, or even show off your love for your favorite Halloween movie. The best part? You won’t break the bank with prices starting as low as $6.50. So why stress over elaborate costumes when you can easily grab one of these fun Halloween t-shirts for your pup.

Get your pup in the Halloween spirit with a simple, adorable festive t-shirt. Choose from spooky pumpkins, cute ghosts, and more. Perfect for quick and easy costumes.
Solve your costume dilemmas with a simple and festive Halloween t-shirt.

Halloween Theme Bandana or Hat

If all other costumes fail, a Halloween theme bandana to put around your pet’s neck is always a good option to fall back on. With a variety of styles available, from frightening to adorable, you’re sure to find the perfect bandana to fit your pet’s personality. Personally, my favorite is the “Boo” bandana, which manages to be both playful and eerie at the same time. And the best part? It won’t break the bank – you can score this bandana for as low as $2.90 on Chewy. So why wait? Pick up your new Halloween accessory today and watch your pet steal the show!

Get your pets ready to impress this spooky season with Chewy's full range of outfits and accessories.
Dress your pets to impress this spooky season with Chewy.

Halloween is a fun time to dress up and celebrate with your furry friend. However, it’s important to prioritize your pet’s safety and comfort when choosing a costume. Be sure to choose a costume that fits your pet properly and doesn’t restrict their movement or breathing. With so many fun Halloween costume options available for pets, you’re sure to find the perfect outfit for your four-legged friend!


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