LegalZoom Co-founder Launches Overture Law: The Invite-Only Attorney Referral Network

LegalZoomLegalZoom Wills and Trusts kit
LegalZoom Wills and Trusts kit

LegalZoom co-founder Brian Liu has launched a new venture called Overture Law, which is being marketed as the first invite-only referral platform for attorneys. The platform aims to empower lawyers to share fees with each other in an ethical manner by leveraging an exclusive membership and billing and collection automation technology. Overture Law was created in response to the changing landscape of legal work due to the pandemic, with more work being done virtually and across different jurisdictions. Prospective members are required to submit an application, undergo an interview, and gain approval from the membership committee to ensure a community of like-minded and high-quality attorneys.

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Currently, Overture is free for attorneys to join, and the platform operates as a law firm, sharing fees for successful referrals. It also incorporates technology to streamline billing, fee-sharing, and collections. Overture aims to combine a robust platform with a curated and trusted community, setting it apart from other platforms that focus solely on one aspect. The venture is advised by experts from the legal and technology sectors, including Howard Miller, the president of the California State Bar Association, and Chas Rampenthal, former General Counsel of LegalZoom.


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