Things to Do in Balboa Island

Lido and BalboaBalboa Main Street
Main Street, Balboa Island, Newport Beach, CA.

There is a place where my kids and I never feel bored – Balboa Island. There are so many things to do whatever the season is that everyone is sure to have lots of fun there.

Balboa Pier
Balboa pier, Newport Beach, CA.

For me, the major attraction of Balboa Island is Balboa Pier and the beach. The golden sand beach has a crescent shape and is great for swimming and just walking along. During the summer months it is densely packed with people who soak in the sun, swim in the ocean and play beach volleyball.

Balboa beach
View of Balboa beach from the pier, Balboa Island, CA.

From the pier you can take in beautiful views and see boats and liners pass by in the distance. For 25 cents you can view the surroundings up close from the pier. Also, there are benches for those who want to make a pause and sit for a while observing the coastline and watching people fish right from the pier. There is even a small snack bar where you can get hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers and drinks.

Mexican Grill restaurant
Mexican restaurant in Balboa Island, CA.

If you don’t feel like hitting the beach, there are plenty of other attractions at Balboa Island. First of all, there are lots of restaurants, cafes and pubs, so this area is very lively at the weekends.

tacos served at Balboa
Burrito served in Balboa Island, CA.

You can find a variety of foods offered there, from American to Japanese. And, of course, you will see many places to eat serving Mexican cuisine.

Balboa Candy store
Balboa Candy store, Balboa Island, CA.

For the sweet tooth there is Balboa Bakery Donuts and Balboa Candy store.

candy assortment
Candy assortment at Balboa Candy, Newport Beach, CA.

Balboa Candy located at 301 Marine Ave #1, Newport Beach, CA 92662 offers a variety of candy stored in huge barrels.

Newport Beach mug
Souvenirs and sweet gifts at Balboa Candy, Newport Beach, CA.

The assortment of candy is really great, plus you can purchase Disney lunch boxes and souvenirs like Newport Beach mugs and figurines made of shells.

Whackies Crunchy Candy
Whackies Crunchy Candy machine at Balboa Candy, Newport Beach, CA.

Whackies Crunchy Candy machine will help you get customized candy tubes with candy of different flavors of your choice.

baskets with candy
Wooden baskets filled with candy at Candy Store, Newport Beach, CA.

The cute thing about this store is that their shopping baskets are round and look exactly as vintage wood baskets of the 19thcentury.

Balboa Shore store
Balboa Shore Store in Newport Beach, CA.

Shopping at Balboa Island is really unique. Here you will see lots of gift shops offering exclusive gifts, mostly connected with the beach lifestyle.

Balboa Pavilion
Balboa Pavilion, Newport Beach, CA.

Balboa Pavilion (400 Main St, Newport Beach, CA 92661) is the center of shopping here. There are unique gifts like handmade jewelry, paintings, clothing and more. I only wish they had more personalized stuff there.

t shirt with grass leaf
Fun t-shirts offered for sale at Balboa Island, CA.
custom print t shirts
Custom t-shirts at Fun N Sun store, Newport Beach, CA.

Apart from Fun N Sun store (307 Main St, Newport Beach, CA, 92661) where you can purchase customized t-shirts there is nothing that can be personalized. For a wide selection of personalized gifts consider checking out Personalization Mall.

PMall coupon code
Apply Personalization Mall coupon code when ordering gifts online to score an extra discount at Personalization Mall.

This is my favorite store of customized products and I always save on my online orders with Personalization Mall coupons.

exclusive socks
Bright colored socks at Sock Harbor, Newport Beach, CA.

Sock Harbor store (309 Palm St Suite F, Newport Beach, CA 92661) is worth visiting if you are looking for a pair of “crazy” socks.

Sock Harbor store
Fun socks to choose from at Sock Harbor, Newport Beach, CA.

I have never seen such a vibrant collection of socks with the most unusual prints. Here you are sure to find something you will like or a pair of socks that will show off your hobbies and passions.

ape sculpture
Ape-like sculpture near Sock Harbor, Newport Beach, CA.

A huge ape-like figure guards the entrance to the store and people would often stop by to take a photo of it.

Giant Wheel
Giant Wheel at Balboa Fun Zone, Newport Beach, CA.

But Balboa Island is not only about dining and shopping. There are many things to do for kids as well. From the Giant Wheel to rides and arcade gallery Balboa Fun Zone attractions for children promise endless fun. In addition to taking rides kids can enjoy delicious treats. For example, at Balboa Bar hand dipped frozen bananas, popcorn and other snacks are served.

Balboa Marina
Balboa Marina, Newport Beach, CA.

For our family Balboa Fun Zone (600 E Bay Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92661) is one of the most popular places to hang out at the weekend. Kids have fun while parents can enjoy marine views with boats sailing by, do some shopping and eat delicious food. Balboa Bar-B-Que is our favorite place to eat because of their great kid’s menu.

Taking an auto ferry is an attraction too because every time we take it children are as excited as they were the first time we took it. Overall, the atmosphere in Balboa Island is very relaxed and laidback. There are many people who go biking along the coastline, driving retro cars with loud music and enjoying the moment. Balboa Island is all about the joy of life and I always feel cheered up and happy when we go there. There is something inexplicably charming about that place, words lack to describe the feelings, you’ve just got to experience it yourself.


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