Trick or Treating Experience at SeaWorld San Diego 2022

Sea World San Diego
SeaWorld San Diego Reusable Trick-or-Treat Halloween Bag

It’s no doubt that Halloween is the best holiday for kids. It offers tons of fun and a chance to show off colorful costumes and impersonate your child’s favorite character. Only at Halloween can kids take part in numerous fun activities and I’m going to tell you what fun your kids will have at SeaWorld San Diego in 2022.


Candy Station at SeaWorld San Diego

Halloween is the paradise for a sweet tooth. Kids are looking forward to grabbing their treat bags and getting rewarded for not doing pranks. This year SeaWorld San Diego offers a new approach to trick-or-treating. They’ve got a number of candy stations around the park and every child can come to the station and get candy. The only requirement is that the kid should have a reusable SeaWorld trick-or-treat bag. The child should come to the candy station, open the bag and the park employee will press the button and candy will just drop into the bag. It’s fun and kids love it very much.

SeaWorld Spooktacular Map SeaWorld San Diego 2022

I counted 7 candy stations, and they are all located to the left of the Skytower, close to Manta, Bubble Show and The Waterfront. Kids can come to the candy station as many times as they want. Yummy!

Hay Maze

Hay Maze with Pumpkin Decorations at SeaWorld San Diego

Small children are sure to have fun trying to find the way out of the hay maze. Even my 14-year-old son enjoyed hiding from the younger one, springing up and then crawling down. It’s Halloween experience you won’t find during any other holiday. The biggest fun is to play in a group as you can hide in the maze and the other person will be looking for you everywhere.

Games and Competitions

Halloween Contests and Fun Activities at SeaWorld San Diego

At the weekend active games and other activities await kids near Hay Maze. Animators wearing colorful costumes will entertain the kids with music, dancing fun contests and more.

Pumpkin Hunt

SeaWorld’s Pumpkin Hunt 2022 in San Diego

In addition to hay maze scavenger hunt is another traditional activity not to be missed before Halloween. To play you should visit the Scavenger Hunt Headquarters located near the SeaWorld Store. It costs $15 to play SeaWorld Scavenger Hunt in the park searching for special pumpkins scattered across the park attractions. Once you’ve found all the special pumpkins and marked them on your map you need to return and get your guaranteed prize.

Fall Festival

Fall Festival 2022 at The Waterfront SeaWorld San Diego

Make sure you head to The Waterfront to feel the atmosphere of fall festivities, order food and drinks, and relax on the bench watching birds and the bay views. There is also the stage where Jack-O-Lanterns are being made. They are all available for purchase.

Dolphin’s Show

Dolphins Performing at the Show at SeaWorld San Diego

Watching dolphins and pilot whales perform is a must see even if you’ve come to SeaWorld San Diego for Halloween fun. I have seen the show for three times already and I’m going to watch it again and again.

Pilot Whales Jumping out of the Water during the Show at SeaWorld San Diego

Seeing pilot whales jumping out of the water is even more unusual than seeing dolphin’s tricks. And this time I managed to snapshot them soaring together in the air in a beautiful plunge.

Touch Pools

“Cleaner fish” in Explorer’s Reef at SeaWorld San Diego

During out last visit touch pools with small fish and baby sharks were closed. This time we were lucky to be able to submerge the hand into the water and feel the fish nibble the fingers.

A Baby Shark in the Touch Pool at SeaWorld San Diego

 It was the first time we touched horseshoe crabs and baby bamboo sharks too.

A Model of Megalodon Shark Jaw at SeaWorld San Diego

Speaking of sharks, there is a shark encounter where you can see various shark species swimming around and getting into the underwater tunnel is an attraction worth visiting. You will see different sharks swim in the water above you and at both sides. Near the exit is the model of Megalodon shark jaw, an impressive exhibit that demonstrates how ancient sea creatures looked like in the past.

Animal Feeding

Sea Lions during Feeding at SeaWorld San Diego

Feeding bat rays and sea lions is all time popular kid’s activity. Kids always enjoy feeding sea animals and this gets them closer to the marine world inhabitants. Feeding the animals kids learn to feel responsible for the animals and understand that animals need protection and care.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street Bay of Play Splash Zone at SeaWorld San Diego

For the youngest visitors Sesame Street offers splash zone, Tide Pool Climb, Elmo’s Flying Fish ride, Abby’s Sea Star Spin, carousel and much more. Plus, the children can take photo with Sesame Street characters at Hooper’s Store.

Halloween Games and Activities with Prizes at SeaWorld San Diego

For our family SeaWorld San Diego is the most favorite theme park. It’s so huge and has so much fun that it’s impossible to experience everything the park offers during one visit. Every time we come here, we discover something new, plus enjoy seeing our favorite exhibits and activities, such as feeding sea animals, watching dolphin show and riding Manta. Now we can’t wait to visit the park before Christmas. Until next time!


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