The LEGO Store at South Coast Plaza. What’s New.

For my children LEGO is the best gift ever whatever is the occasion. Most often I purchase LEGO sets and Mattel race cars at Amazon when the prices are low enough. I often do grocery shopping at Target and my younger son always drags me to the isle with LEGO building sets to see what’s new. But the assortment there is quite poor and this Sunday I decided to take them both to South Coast Plaza to stock up on LEGO building blocks and purchase some new sets.

I love shopping at South Coast Plaza as it is always a rewarding and exciting experience not also for me but also for kids as well. There are so any stores where you can purchase whatever you need, plus the customer service is always great.

When we got to the LEGO store the first thing we spotted was a collection of LEGO Super Mario sets, but that’s not what my two boys are into.

There is a huge selection of LEGO Duplo for the youngest kids, and there are many sets to choose from.

The elder kid was looking for the LEGO Movie series and the LEGO Batman Movie in particular. He found a nice LEGO Marvel set he loved very much, so we decided to purchase it.

There were also nice LEGO Infinity sets, but LEGO Star Wars deserve a special attention. From LEGO robots to space warriors, fans of Star Wars are sure to find something they will love very much.

Pick & Build corner is my younger son’s favorite, and we usually purchase LEGO bricks for creating his own models there.

There are some special offers you might want to take advantage of. LEGO Store offers a free pencil holder when you spend over $65 with the purchase of LEGO Dots, Friends and/or City.

Another freebie you can get in store is LEGO Life Magazine when you sign up. Since I purchased two LEGO sets and an assortment of LEGO bricks we qualified for the offer and got free pencil holder. The pencil holder will serve as an excellent school supply item and a decoration at the desk at home. Children were happy and so was I because it meant that for three next hours they would be busy assembling their LEGO constructors.

Comparing to ordering LEGO sets at Amazon I can say that buying LEGO in store is more enjoyable and fun. You can see the set with your own eyes and touch it, look at it up close in real life and it helps make the right decision which LEGO set to choose. Of course, ordering stuffonline is faster, but shopping in store is a sort of small adventure that makes kids excited.

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