My Ultimate Luxury Experience with Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask: Is It Worth the Money Spent? My Honest Review

Being a very frugal person I never splurge on something that is just beautiful and not functional. Nor would I buy a product because it’s a particular brand. I do spend money on things that benefit me and add to my comfort. Recently I’ve splurged on a new Saatva Mattress which I got with discount due to Saatva coupon.

Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask
Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask in Sand Color.

I took advantage of Saatva special offer and saved $600 on my purchase of Saatva Classic mattress purchase. While I was at Saatva store in Dallas, TX, I spotted Saatva Silk Eye Mask which looked luxury in its signature gift box. But I didn’t buy it right there, but decided to take some time instead to think it over. At home I read Saatva Silk Mask reviews and then placed my order online.

Saatva Silk Eye Mask box
Saatva Silk Eye Mask arrives in their signature Saatva box.

If you want to buy Saatva Silk Eye Mask you will have to look for it at You will see only Saatva mattresses, but if you are looking for bedding products you have to click the menu first, scroll down and click on Eye Masks.

Saatva Sleep Eye Mask Slate
Saatva Silk Eye Mask in Slate Color.

Currently, Saatva features two silk sleeping masks: Weighted Silk Eye Mask and Silk Eye Mask. Both are made of 100 mulberry Silk and are available in two colors: slate and sand. The only difference is that the former comes with weights that ensure relaxation for the tired eyes, while the latter is ideal for deep restful sleep. The difference in price is just $15, so depending on your needs you can opt for the type of mask that meets your needs best.

Saatva Silk Eye Mask price
Saatva offers exclusive discount on your bedding order of $1000 or more.

Since I work at the computer until late and with online university course being added I do feel eye fatigue at night, so I decided to order Weighted Silk Eye Mask, hoping that I will fall asleep faster with it.

Saatva Exclusive Offer
Customers can save 10% on their Saatva bedding order of $200 or more with Saatva Coupon.

At the time of my order there was Saatva exclusive offer of 10% off Saatva purchase of $200 or more of bedding. However, my order didn’t qualify for that offer and I just got Saatva free shipping which is also good.

Saatva signature box
Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask arrived in Saatva signature box.

My order arrived in Saatva signature box. There was another white box inside which is quite sleek. Well, I was impressed by the delivery as my Saatva order was properly and elegantly packaged without extra cost to me.

The first thing that came to my mind is that Saatva Silk Eye Mask will be a perfect gift for you or one of your friends on many occasions, from a housewarming gift to Easter or Mother’s Day gift. Mine turned out to be an Easter gift because it arrived late March, right before the holiday. By the way, Saatva has just started a new Black Friday in March promotion offering $300-500 off your Saatva purchase.

Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask in Sand Color
Saatva Weighted Silk Mask is made of mulberry silk.

Well, looking at the mask I was naturally wondering why it was so expensive. The main reason is luxury materials used and the way it looked. The mask is made of 100% mulberry silk which is extremely soft and nice to touch. The elastic band designed to secure the mask is also covered in the same material: fine quality silk.

The weights are evenly distributed and ensure relaxing effect to the tired eyes. The mask completely blocks light despite being of the light color. The fabric is so smooth that it ensures there is no creasing around the delicate eye area which is very important.

Wearing this mask at night is a mere indulgence. The first night I put it on I drifted into a peaceful sleep within a minute. I think such effect is achieved due to weights that gently message the eye area. I know that my lower jaw area is always tense and it’s often hard for me to relax those muscles unless I am in Savasana pose practicing yoga. It’s unbelievable, but I immediately relaxed all my face muscles and fell asleep easily no matter where you might be.

Sometimes when I have some free time at the weekend I like to get a nap and this mask is sure to become a must have for me on those days.

Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask with Headband
Saatva Silk Eye Mask makes a perfect gift and is ideal travel accessory.

I definitely recommend Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask. It is worth every penny and it’s worth an extra $15 to spend to add that calming effect of deep pressure the weights ensure.

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