Top 10 Picks from JCPenney’s Jewelry Collection for Your Special Someone

JCPenneyFrom timeless pieces to modern elegance, J.C. Penney's curated collection has something for everyone to adore.
JCPenney has got you covered with an amazing selection of jewelry that will make hearts skip a beat.

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and the pressure to find the perfect gift is reaching a fever pitch. Fear not, dear reader, for J.C. Penney is here to save the day with a dazzling array of jewelry that will leave you and your loved ones swooning. From classic designs to contemporary chic, J.C. Penney’s curated collection promises a symphony of sparkle at prices that won’t leave your wallet weeping.

Unlock Extraordinary Savings at JCPenney: Enjoy Up to 60% Off Regular Items Plus an Additional 35% Off Exquisite Fine Jewelry!
Enjoy Up to 60% Off Regular Prices + an Additional 35% Off Luxurious Fine Jewelry Collection at JCPenney!

1. DiamonArt Heart Promise Ring: A Symbol of Eternal Love

Picture this: a moonlit night, a gentle breeze, and the soft glow of a DiamonArt Heart Promise Ring adorning your finger. Wondering how to promise eternal love without breaking the bank? Originally priced at $166.63, this heart-stopper is now on sale at $65.70 with an irresistible 60% off. And if that’s not sweet enough, use the code KISSKISS, and it’s yours for a mere $42.70. Quick math: Love + Discounts = A Proposal-Ready Ring!

2. Hallmark Diamonds Bolo Bracelet: Infinity Wrapped in Elegance

Let’s talk about infinity and beyond—specifically, the Hallmark Diamonds Bolo Bracelet. With an original price of $374.98, this timeless piece is currently on sale for $142.85, boasting an impressive 62% off. Add code KISSKISS to your arsenal, and voilà, it’s a steal at $92.85. Infinity, hearts, and diamonds; because sometimes, too much is just right.

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3. Hallmark Diamonds Pendant Necklace: Artistry in Every Detail

Indulge in the timeless elegance of Hallmark Diamonds.
Discover Sparkling Elegance: Save Up to 60% on Hallmark Diamonds at JCPenney!

Enter the world of wearable art with the Hallmark Diamonds Pendant Necklace. Originally priced at $270.82, it’s now available at $142.85, a generous 47% off. Apply the code KISSKISS, and it’s yours for $92.85. Sterling silver with 14K rose gold accents, 1/10 ct. t.w. round diamonds—this necklace is a masterpiece that doesn’t cost a fortune.

4. Hallmark Diamonds Elephant Pendant Necklace: Chic Meets Whimsy

Unleash your wild side with the Hallmark Diamonds Elephant Pendant Necklace. Priced originally at $270.82, now available at $142.85 with a fabulous 47% off. Use code KISSKISS, and it’s yours for $92.85. Quick ship, prong setting, and a sprinkle of diamonds—this pendant is a fashion safari waiting to happen.

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5. Genuine Blue Topaz 3-pc. Jewelry Set: The Ultimate Trio

Bid farewell to the stress of gift-searching and immerse yourself in the enchanting aisles of J.C. Penney.
Unveil the splendor of JCPenney’s exclusive fine jewelry line with this captivating three-piece set, showcasing genuine Blue Topaz.

Why settle for one when you can have three? The Genuine Blue Topaz 3-pc. Jewelry Set is the epitome of luxury with an original price tag of $249.98, now gracing your collection at $174.99 with a delightful 30% off. Apply code KISSKISS, and it’s yours for $113.74. A cocktail ring, a necklace, and earrings in one swoon-worthy package!

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6. DiamonArt Cubic Zirconia Earring and Bracelet Set: Simplicity with Sparkle

Experience the epitome of elegance with our DiamonArt Jewelry Set.
Discover the luxurious world of DiamonArt at JCPenney, where unmatched brilliance meets fine craftsmanship.

Simplicity meets sparkle with the DiamonArt Cubic Zirconia Earring and Bracelet Set. Originally priced at $549.98, it’s now available at $219.99, presenting a dazzling 60% off. Seal the deal with code KISSKISS, and it’s yours for $142.99. Sometimes, all you need is a touch of sparkle to make a statement.

7. Ever Star Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings: Affordable Elegance

Add a touch of elegance to your everyday look with JCPenney's exclusive deal on Ever Star lab-grown diamond studs.
Sparkle More, Spend Less: Save Up to 70% on Ever Star Lab-Grown Diamonds at JCPenney – Unleash the Brilliance Today!

Can diamonds be affordable? Ever Star says yes, introducing the Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings. Originally priced at $2,083.32 – $2,499.98, now yours at $464.28 – $557.13 with the code. For those who believe elegance shouldn’t come with an extravagant price tag.

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8. Personalized Initial Heart Ring: Your Love, Your Way

Can jewelry be personal and stylish? Absolutely, with the Personalized Initial Heart Ring. Prices range from $121.86 to $1,550.64 with code KISSKISS. Select your metal, whether it’s silver, 10K white or yellow gold, or 14K white or yellow gold, and personalize it with a single letter initial. Because love is always in the details.

9. Teardrop Blue Aquamarine Pendant Necklace: Dive into Elegance

Is elegance as easy as a teardrop pendant? Absolutely, with the Teardrop Blue Aquamarine Pendant Necklace. Originally priced at $333.32, it’s now available at $233.32, featuring a tempting 30% off. Add code KISSKISS, and it’s yours for $151.65. Dive into sophistication with this aquamarine beauty!

10. DiamonArt Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Bracelet: Princess-Worthy Shine

Can a bracelet make you feel like royalty? DiamonArt says yes—every woman deserves to be a princess! Originally priced at $424.98, now available at $238.56 with a splendid 43% off. Apply code KISSKISS, and it’s yours for $155.06. Because every woman deserves to feel like royalty.

Experience the enchantment of exquisite jewelry at irresistible prices with Red Zone Clearance at JCPenney.
Unlock the allure of exquisite jewelry at irresistible prices with Red Zone Clearance at JCPenney.

Why stress over finding the perfect gift? Head to J.C. Penney, where a gift isn’t just a purchase; it’s a promise to sparkle together! Get ready to shine, and remember, diamonds might be forever, but discounts are fleeting—grab yours before they vanish!


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