Luxury Dog Beds Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

SaatvaSaatva Luxury for Furry Friends
Saatva Luxury for Furry Friends

Are you feeling guilty about your furry friend missing out on holiday cheer? Well, worry no more! This festive season, why not spoil your dog with something special? A fresh dog bed isn’t just a treat; it’s the key to your pooch’s well-being and quality sleep. While we can’t recommend sharing your bed, these dog beds are sleep writer approved. What makes a perfect bed for your dog? We’ve got you covered with our favorite sleep brand recommendations, including the Saatva dog bed!

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Pamper Your Pup: Saatva Dog Bed Edition
Pamper Your Pup: Saatva Dog Bed Edition

Now picture this: your furry companion bounds down the stairs in excitement for their gift, and you want it to be something extraordinary. Introducing the first dog bed with responsive micro-coils for optimal spinal alignment and easy movement at any age! These plush beds are baffle quilted to prevent shifting and feature a high-performance fabric cover with water-repellent barrier protection. Need guidance on choosing the perfect pet bed? Check out the article below. And better yet, drop one into your cart with just a click. Don’t wait! Order now to ensure delivery by 12/23!

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Deck the dog bed with Saatva's festive deals, creating a cozy retreat for your pet during the holiday season.
Deck the dog bed with Saatva’s festive deals, creating a cozy retreat for your pet during the holiday season.

So, what exactly is the Saatva Dog Bed? Think of it as a miniature version of the trusted Saatva mattress, but even better! The unique feature? Responsive micro-coils that enhance your pup’s spinal alignment and make getting up from naps a breeze. It’s soft, warm, and breathable, thanks to its high-performance fabric cover that repels water. Plus, with sizes ranging from small to large, there’s a perfect fit for every dog.

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Experience tail-wagging comfort with Saatva's dog bed, designed for pets who deserve the best.
Experience tail-wagging comfort with Saatva’s dog bed, designed for pets who deserve the best.

But how does the Saatva Dog Bed compare to others on the market? It’s not just a dog bed; it’s a luxury product crafted with premium materials. The inclusion of responsive micro-coils elevates it to the level of Saatva’s human-designed mattresses.

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Can I purchase extra covers for the Saatva Dog Bed?

Absolutely! You can include an additional removable dog cover with your order. Oh, and if you have a cat too, don’t worry—they can enjoy this cozy haven as well!

Saatva Pup's Paradise: Holiday Sale Edition
Saatva Pup’s Paradise: Holiday Sale Edition

Don’t miss out on the Holiday Sale! Snag a $250 discount on orders over $1000 at Saatva. While we don’t typically endorse sharing your mattress with pets, these luxurious dog beds might just make you think twice. But resist the temptation to join your pup on these comfy beds; after all, they deserve their own space.


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