Its Time to Visit the Most Unique Christmas Store in Arizona

Personalized ChristmasJerome's Holiday Wonderland
Jerome’s Holiday Wonderland

Christmas brings joy, and for those of us who love a quirky twist on this festive season, the Mooey Christmas and Udder Things store in Jerome, Arizona, is a hidden gem. Meet Diana and Fred Martin, the friendly faces behind this unique shop where the holiday spirit meets an unusual twist.

Embracing the Quirky Spirit

Ornament Shopping in Jerome, Arizona
Ornament Shopping in Jerome, Arizona

Diana and Fred’s journey to Jerome from Ramona, California was fueled by a desire to be closer to family. Having visited Jerome for over two decades, they fell in love with the area, and it soon became their new home.

Mooey Christmas Store: A Quirky Christmas Wonderland
Mooey Christmas Store: A Quirky Christmas Wonderland

Located at 111 Jerome Avenue, the Mooey Christmas store has a distinct personality.

Cows, Santas, and More – A Unique Christmas Experience

When you walk through their door, you’ll encounter an assortment of quirky Christmas items that’s sure to tickle your fancy.

Not Just Your Ordinary Christmas Store

Unique Christmas Decor in Jerome, Arizona
Unique Christmas Decor in Jerome, Arizona

Started in 2005, this Christmas store isn’t your run-of-the-mill holiday shop. It boasts a wide range of items, from cows to Santas and everything in between.

Unique Holiday Treasures at 'Mooey Christmas
Unique Holiday Treasures at Mooey Christmas

Glass from Egypt, over a thousand items to choose from, and themes that will leave you both baffled and delighted.

A Tree for Every Taste

Discover the Magic of Christmas in Jerome, Arizona
Discover the Magic of Christmas in Jerome, Arizona

You’ll be greeted by a captivating Saguaro Christmas Tree with a Western theme upon entering. As you explore further, your eyes will feast upon a whimsical tree, a farm or cow-themed tree, a wine-themed tree, and many more.

Unconventional Christmas Decorations

Each tree tells a story, each ornament has character, and every corner resonates with the joy of the holiday season.

Discover the Unique

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

The store is nestled beneath the Mine Museum in Jerome, and its entrance is on Jerome Avenue.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments Collection
Personalized Christmas Ornaments Collection

What makes this store truly special is the vast selection of personalized ornaments. Want to add that special touch to your holiday decorations? Look no further.

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Personalized Christmas Ornaments Deals


They’re pet-friendly too! If you’re visiting with your furry friend, feel free to bring them along, or if they’re a service animal, they’re more than welcome.

Exploring Beyond the Store

Festive Finds at Mooey Christmas Store

But what if you can’t make it to this charming Arizona town? Well, you’re in luck! Many of their unique items can be found on Etsy, the online treasure trove of handmade creations. If you prefer a more traditional shopping experience, local malls and stores like Roger’s Garden also stock their items.

Discovering Christmas Charm in Jerome

Still Need More Decorations?

If you’re eager to find more holiday decorations, Jerome offers other exciting shopping experiences to explore. Visit Personalization Mall, where you can enjoy a generous 20% discount by using the promo code BPCM. This is a fantastic opportunity to fill your holiday season with delightful ornaments and decorations.

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A Cow-Themed Christmas Adventure Awaits

Cow-Themed Christmas Delights
Cow-Themed Christmas Delights

So, whether you’re curious, on the hunt for quirky ornaments, or just seeking an offbeat Christmas experience, make sure to pay a visit to Mooey Christmas and Udder Things. Get lost in the cow-themed Christmas adventure that Diana and Fred have thoughtfully created.

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Festive Treasures in Jerome, AZ

And for those not able to make the journey, the world of Etsy and local retailers beckons with their unusual treasures. It’s a Christmas destination unlike any other.

Personalized Holiday Ornaments You’ll Love

What unique ornament would you add to your collection?


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