Don’t Miss Out on Saatva’s Fourth of July Mattress and Bedding Sale

This 4th of July, take advantage of the amazing sales and discounts available, especially when it comes to mattresses. A good night’s sleep is essential for feeling your best, and upgrading your mattress can make all the difference. However, mattresses can be quite expensive. That’s why it’s crucial to seize the opportunity when sales like this come around.

Create a Luxe Sleep Space for Less - Fourth of July Sale
Create a Luxe Sleep Space for Less – Fourth of July Sale

One brand that should be on your radar for can’t-miss mattress deals this Fourth of July is offering incredible discounts is Saatva. Known for its top-notch mattresses and bedding, Saatva is a favorite among editors. From now until July 4th, you can save big on your purchases: $200 off on orders of $1,000 or more, $300 off on orders of $1,500 or more, $350 off on orders of $2,500 or more, $400 off on orders of $3,500 or more, and $500 off on orders of $4,500 or more. Plus, you can enjoy an additional $100 off on an adjustable base or bed frame! Don’t miss out on these incredible savings. Keep scrolling to discover our favorite mattress and bedding picks and transform your sleep experience. Get ready for sweet dreams!

The Classic Mattress, Queen

Experience the best innerspring mattress with the Saatva Classic. This mattress, which won the Best Innerspring category in our Best List, features two durable layers of innersprings and a Euro pillow top cover for extra cushioning. With its breathable cotton foundation and Lumbar Zone technology for spinal alignment, this mattress offers exceptional comfort and support.

Loom & Leaf Mattress

The Loom & Leaf mattress is a game-changer, with six layers of ultra-premium memory foam and a cooling gel layer. It contours to your body, providing excellent support and pressure relief. If you want to wake up feeling refreshed, this mattress is a fantastic choice, as it promotes spinal alignment, regardless of your preferred sleep position.

Latex Pillow, Queen

Saatva Pillow Discounts - Fourth of July Sale
Saatva Pillow Discounts – Fourth of July Sale

While Saatva is renowned for its mattresses, its bedding is equally impressive. The Saatva Latex Pillow combines a shredded latex core with an organic cotton fill, offering optimal support, pressure relief, and softness. Is Saatva pillow good for neck pain? Yes, this pillow has been specifically designed to alleviate neck pain, and it’s no wonder why it’s a customer favorite. Its unique construction helps to cradle and align your neck and spine, providing the optimal support you need for a good night’s sleep. No matter which side of the “pillow-fill debate” you’re on, this pillow will leave you delighted. During Saatva’s Fourth of July sale, you can save $40 when you purchase a pair of these pillows!

Latex Hybrid Mattress, Queen

Is Saatva good for hot sleepers? Yes, if you’re a hot sleeper, the Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress is perfect for you. Its hypoallergenic latex layer provides comfort, breathability, and coolness, even during scorching summers. With a top layer of hand-tufted organic cotton for softness and a coiled layer that absorbs shocks from movement, this mattress guarantees a restful sleep.

Organic Sateen Sheet Set, Twin XL

Looking for the ultimate dorm essential or a great graduation gift? Consider Saatva’s Organic Sateen Sheets. Made with 100% organic cotton and featuring a sateen weave, these sheets are silky soft and get even softer with every wash. The set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and matching pillowcase with a thread count of 300. Your college-bound loved ones will appreciate the luxurious comfort, especially during finals week. Take advantage of the Fourth of July sale to save on this essential bedding set.

Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress, Queen

The Solaire mattress may come with a higher price tag, but its exceptional features make it worth considering. This mattress offers zero motion transfer and customizable firmness settings. With its own remote control, you can adjust the firmness on each side of the bed to accommodate you and your partner’s preferences. It’s compatible with all bed types and guarantees an upgraded sleep experience from the first night.

Linen Pillowcase Pair

For a cool and comfortable sleep, Saatva’s Linen pillowcases are a must-have. Made with all-natural Belgian linen, these pillowcases are light, airy, and get softer with every wash. During the Fourth of July sale, you can enjoy over $20 off on this essential summer find.

Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, Queen

Indulge in a restful and relaxing sleep with the ultra-comfy Memory Foam Hybrid mattress. This mattress, like all Saatva mattresses, promotes spinal alignment with its lumbar zone and gel-infused memory foam, relieving back pain and providing optimal support. The responsive foam molds around your body for personalized comfort throughout the night.

Saatva HD Mattress, Queen

Shopping for mattresses when you’re plus-sized can be challenging, but Saatva has a solution. The Saatva HD Mattress is specifically designed for larger bodies, supporting individuals weighing up to 500 lbs. without sagging or bending. How tall is the Saatva HD mattress? Will it work with my current bed frame? These are questions that customers may have as they consider purchasing the Saatva HD. The Saatva HD is 15.5 inches tall, which may be taller than some other mattresses on the market. It offers relief for back and joint pain with its lumbar zone technology and coil unit, which provides targeted support for the lower back. The sturdy foam rails prevent sagging and make getting out of bed easier. It’s a triple win!

Take advantage of Saatva’s Fourth of July sale and create a luxurious sleep space without breaking the bank. Upgrade your mattress and bedding today for a better sleep experience. Don’t miss out on these incredible discounts and treat yourself to the sleep you deserve!

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