Aireloom vs Saatva: Luxury Mattress Comparison

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Aireloom and Saatva are two luxury mattress companies that specialize in innerspring models with varying foam layers. Aireloom prioritizes high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques, which comes with a higher price tag, while Saatva aims to offer affordable luxury mattresses online. Both brands focus on coil systems, with Aireloom using nested and micro coils and Saatva featuring a distinctive “coil on coil” structure.

Hotel Collection The Vitagenic Mattress By Aireloom
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What are the benefits of Aireloom mattresses?

Where is Aireloom mattress made? Aireloom, owned by E.S. Kluft & Company, is a California-based brand known for its exclusive focus on mattress production. They offer five different mattress collections with a total of 27 models. What is inside an Aireloom mattress? Aireloom mattresses are constructed with foam, cotton, and soft layers in the comfort layer, followed by an innerspring system. Talalay latex is commonly used in the top comfort layer for temperature regulation, followed by organic cotton and memory foam for additional contouring. Micro coils provide pressure relief, and Aireloom’s pocket coil system ensures support and motion isolation.

Hotel Collection by Aireloom
The Aireloom Hotel Collection

Different support systems are available depending on the model, and Aireloom mattresses come in various firmness options. The brand emphasizes edge support, motion isolation, and its patented Aireloom Lift™ technology for a weightless sleeping experience. Prices range from under $2,000 to over $7,000, depending on the model and size.

The Vitagenic Mattress By Aireloom Hotel Collection
Hotel Collection The Vitagenic Mattress By Aireloom

Saatva, founded in 2010, focuses on its coil technology and offers multiple mattress types online. In addition to the Saatva innerspring hybrid mattress, they also sell memory foam and latex mattresses under different brand names. Is Saatva all-natural? Saatva’s construction includes a cotton cover, foam layers, edge support, and individually wrapped coils. The cover is made of 100% organic cotton and quilted with foam for pressure relief.

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The mattress features a coil-on-coil structure, combining individually wrapped coils with a layer of steel coils for support. What kind of foam does Saatva use? A high-density poly foam base provides edge support and maintains the mattress’s shape. Saatva offers three firmness options: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm, catering to different sleep preferences. The mattresses provide a blend of the traditional innerspring feel with foam comfort and are known for bounce, pressure relief, motion isolation, and edge support. Saatva mattresses are available in 11.5″ and 14.5″ thickness options, with the same price across firmness levels, varying only based on size.

Saatva latex hybrid mattress
Saatva Hybrid Mattress with Latex – Sleep better.

Saatva has become a game changer for those looking for an affordable mattress option that still provides high-quality comfort. With online prices often under $1,000, purchasing a Saatva mattress is more convenient than ever. The best part? Right now, there are even more great deals available. For a limited time, Saatva is offering $250 off orders of $1,000 or more, as well as $40 off every pair of queen pillows and $60 off every pair of king pillows. And if you’re in the market for an adjustable base or a bed frame, you’ll get an extra $100 off with a mattress purchase. Don’t miss out on these incredible prices, and get ready to experience the great sleep that Saatva provides.

Saatva Classic VS The Vitagenic Mattress By Aireloom
Saatva Classic vs The Vitagenic Mattress By Aireloom

Both Aireloom and Saatva share similarities such as utilizing coil systems, incorporating foam layers, and offering a luxury feel. They both prioritize comfort and durability. However, they differ in terms of their specific coil system designs, price points, and variety of models. Aireloom has one layer of pocket coils with micro coils in the comfort layer, while Saatva features a double coil structure separated by foam. Aireloom mattresses are generally more expensive than Saatva mattresses. Aireloom offers five collections with 27 models, while Saatva offers six models in different firmness options. Additionally, Aireloom mattresses are available for purchase only at retail stores, while Saatva mattresses can be purchased online.

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In summary, both Aireloom and Saatva offer luxurious innerspring mattresses with foam layers, but they differ in coil system design, price point, variety, and purchasing options. Consider your preferences and budget to determine which mattress is the best fit for you.

Saatva VS Aireloom Vitagenic Mattress
Choose: Saatva or Aireloom mattresses.

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