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The Testing Process at

STDs can be an uncomfortable topic to confront, which is why offers a solution that is both convenient and confidential. With a variety of tests available that can be done from the comfort of your own home, all you have to do is bring your samples to a participating testing center for evaluation. Despite the lack of a physical interaction with healthcare professionals, ensures high accuracy results that are delivered to you quickly. In terms of privacy, this service takes stringent measures to protect your identity at all stages of the testing process. While there are pros and cons to consider with any service, the convenience and privacy factors make an attractive option to consider. If you’re looking for an efficient and discreet way to get tested for STIs, may be worth considering.

Protecting Your Privacy:'s Commitment
Protecting Your Privacy:’s Commitment is a reliable and cost-effective option for individuals looking to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They offer both individual tests and a 10-test panel that covers many common STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, B, and C, herpes type 1 and 2, HIV, and syphilis. The 10-test panel is priced at $139 and provides excellent value for money. Additionally, they have a 10-test panel with early detection of HIV RNA for $258. Ordering the tests is easy, and no prescription is required. You can quickly and discreetly order online or by phone. The 70% discount on the 10-test panel makes an incredibly affordable option. Don’t forget to use the promo code to get an extra $15 off your order.

If you’re concerned about getting tested, makes it incredibly easy and convenient. With over 4,500 testing centers across the country, you can find a location near you without any hassle. The best part? You don’t even need to make an appointment! And if you need same-day testing, they’ve got you covered. Results typically take only 1-2 days, and if your test comes back positive, offers a doctor’s consultation. What really sets apart, though, is their commitment to privacy. They don’t accept insurance payments to protect your confidentiality, but they do provide an itemized receipt that you can submit for reimbursement. They also accept payments through HSA and FSA. Your personal health information is kept secure with encryption.

There are a few potential drawbacks to consider. Insurance payments are not accepted directly, so you would need to pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement from your insurance provider. Additionally, not all testing centers are available in all locations, so it’s important to check for a center near you. A doctor’s prescription costs an additional $95, and there is no doctor’s consultation for negative test results.

In summary, offers a convenient and confidential testing experience for STIs. They provide a variety of tests, including individual tests and a comprehensive 10-test panel. The testing process is straightforward, and results are typically available within 1 to 2 days. While insurance payments are not accepted, they offer reimbursement options and accept HSA and FSA payments. Customer reviews are generally positive, highlighting the convenience and efficiency of the service. If privacy, convenience, and comprehensive testing are important to you, may be a good choice.