Protect Your Home at Earthquake-Prone Area

April is Earthquake Preparedness Month in California, it’s important to keep in mind the dangers that come with natural disasters. As a resident or homeowner in the Golden State, it’s crucial to always be prepared for the earthquake. This reminder serves as a necessary nudge to make sure you and your loved ones have a plan in place for a potential earthquake. Stay safe and prepared!

Roof Collapse After a Natural Disaster
The weakly reinforced roof was damaged by the natural disaster.

There are such home building contractors who have seen the devastating effects of earthquakes on Californian homes and businesses. With years of experience working closely with earthquake assessment and rebuilding efforts, these experts have witnessed firsthand the raw power and destruction of these natural disasters. Stay ahead of the curve and prepare your home or business with their invaluable expertise.

Room Collapse After a Natural Disaster
Destruction of a wall as a result of a natural disaster.

As cautious homeowners, we wanted to know how to brace our abode for an earthquake and avoid harm. We sought advice from a seasoned contractor with years of experience in the construction biz. What did we learn? Keep reading to find out! 

With these simple steps, you can minimize the risk of injuries and damages, and gain some much-needed peace of mind. If you are just building your house or make repairs, you should take into account some nuances:

1. If you are interested in finding a contractor, remember that not all contractors are trustworthy. Some contractors may try to make more profit by skimping on certain steps, which leads to problems. Fortunately, today it’s easy to find the right local contractor to work with thanks to online marketplaces like Home Contractor Experts.

Outdoor Tile Installation in California
Laying tiles on a concrete base.

2. Every home should have a case with a minimum number of hands tools to replace a part or make minor repairs. It can include: hammer, ax, screwdrivers, pliers, hacksaw, pocket tape measure.

Kobalt Hand Tools
Kobalt hand tools in one of the stores in California.

There are situations when you need to do everything quickly, or you are hunting for repairs yourself, then you cannot do without a power tool.

Do-It-Yourself Shelf Fastening
Do-It-Yourself Shelf Fastening is always a pleasant thing.

The simplest, but most necessary of them are: a drill or a screwdriver and a grinder.

DeWalt Power Tools
The result of work depends on the tool.

3. Pay close attention to room ventilation. It has been proven that the state of the internal environment of a room has a strong influence on a person. That is, the microclimate really has a direct effect on the body of a living being, especially after or during natural disasters.

Honeywell Air Filters
Big box stores have a larger selection of home improvement materials.

4. The cheapest option for decorating a house is painting. This type of work allows you to give a good appearance of the building, but shows all the defects of the wall – cracks, unevenness of the walls, pits, etc. And it is almost impossible to repair a small part of such decoration, since it will be problematic to choose the same color, especially for facades. As a result, you will need to redo all the walls to get rid of a small stain or crack.

ValsparPRO Ceiling Paint
Paints can be used for concrete, plastic, natural stone, metal and other facing materials.

5. Arrangement of furniture in the kitchen, especially wall cabinets, should be entrusted to specialists – material, dimensions, location and fastening.

Templates of Furniture Facades
Facades of kitchen furniture are made of different materials: solid wood, glass and plastic, and their combination is also possible.

With their help, you will be able to create a truly cozy and safe room in which everything you need will be harmoniously combined.

Kitchen Furniture - Project and Result
Design and result may vary slightly.

When arranging the work area, pay great attention to the tabletop. If you live in earthquake-prone areas, you should not choose a stone countertop. It is quite heavy and can be dangerous during earthquakes.

Prices for Granite Countertops and Their Installation
Today, there are many types of kitchen countertops: acrylic, artificial and natural stone, wooden, stainless steel, glass, etc.

6. It is better to cover the area near the house with concrete pavers instead of concrete. It is a little more expensive to install, but it does not crack! The natural joints move under pressure, eliminating the cracks inherent in conventional concrete pavement.

Concrete Pavers and Coping
Cobblestone has been known since the time of Ancient Rome.

If the cobblestone driveway needs repair, the repair is very simple. Pavers are made uniform, so they are easy to replace without leaving ugly spots and scars. This is achieved by removing any damaged bricks and replacing them with new paver bricks. It’s that easy and your road will look like new!

Laying of Concrete Pavers
Repair of cobblestones near the utility room.

This also applies to facing tiles for walls and floors. The stronger it is, the greater shocks it will be able to withstand without spoiling its appearance.

Arterra Porcelain Pavers
Ceramic, stone, plastic and others – it is quite easy to get confused among the variety of types of floor tiles.

A good choice for decorating walls in earthquake-prone areas is mosaic tiles. Such tiles are easy and safe to cut, clean and repair if necessary.

Glass Mosaic Tile
A panel made of small details always attracts attention and adds elegance to the interior.

Brick tiles are also suitable. Such decoration of the facade will cost much less than natural brickwork, and the decoration with this type of cladding will add decorativeness and attractiveness to the structure. Repair of this type of decoration will be quite simple.

Thin Brick Veneer Tile
Imitation of brickwork, like all solutions, has pros and cons.

7. If your home was built before 1950, consider seismic retrofitting to strengthen your home’s foundation to make it more earthquake-resistant. Such work should be performed only by a specialist in the modernization of the foundation, who has the appropriate license and many recommendations.

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