TJMaxx Money-Saving Tips

Buyer's GuideFind the latest trends for less at TJMaxx – quality items at amazing prices!
Shop smart with TJMaxx – a never-ending selection of stylish items at great prices

Embark on a shopping journey like never before with TJMaxx, the discount haven that has been delighting shoppers since 1976. From trendy clothing and toys to home essentials and cosmetics, TJMaxx offers a treasure trove of unbeatable deals. To ensure you’re a savvy shopper, here are 13 expert-approved do’s and don’ts that will elevate your TJMaxx shopping experience.

1. Shopping at the Right Times

Do schedule your shopping spree on Monday mornings or during the January and July clearance events for the best deals. For fresh arrivals, weekdays are your golden ticket as that’s when the shelves are brimming with new items. And here’s a tip from the Krazy Coupon Lady herself, Joanie Demer—skip Black Friday; the savings aren’t as spectacular as you might expect.

2. Using Your TJMaxx Credit Card Perks

Satisfy your sweet tooth with luxurious chocolate gifts from TJMaxx.
The perfect gift for any occasion – find the perfect chocolate gift at TJMaxx!

Do leverage the perks of the TJMaxx Rewards credit card. Enjoy a 10% discount on your first card purchase, exclusive access to special shopping events, and earn 5% back in rewards certificates for every card purchase. Plus, your card extends its benefits to the entire family of TJMaxx brands.

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3. Consider Discounted TJMaxx Gift Cards

Do check sites like CardCash and Raise for discounted TJMaxx gift cards. While the discounts may vary, even a 5% saving can contribute to your shopping delight. Always ensure you’re dealing with a reputable gift card reseller to guarantee authenticity.

4. Check for Deals Online

Shop like a pro with TJMaxx: thousands of items, many under $10
Explore the hidden gems in TJMaxx’s online clearance section

Do explore the online realm of TJMaxx through their website and mobile app. The online clearance section is a hidden gem, boasting thousands of items, many priced under $10. Use the SHIP89 code to enjoy free shipping on orders over $89, adding an extra layer of savings to your virtual shopping spree.

5. Know the Categories Worth Buying

Do focus on certain product categories known for quality and savings. CNET recommends pet accessories as a must-buy, while clothing, jewelry, home decorations, specialty food, and phone cases are also standout choices. Exercise caution with off-brand electronics, knock-off toys, and potentially used hair products.

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6. Check Price Tags Closely

Do decode the price tags for potential future savings. A white tag means the item is still at its original non-sale price, whereas red and yellow stickers signify clearance prices. Be strategic and choose when to strike based on the color of the tag.

7. Join the Email List

Do become a part of the TJMaxx email list for regular updates on new products and exclusive offers. As a bonus, receive a one-time promo code for free shipping on your next order, ensuring you stay in the loop on all things TJMaxx.

8. Don’t Wait to Buy Best Selling Items

Get ahead of the trend by checking TJMaxx first for the newest items
Shop TJMaxx before anyone else – their inventory is changing constantly!

Don’t procrastinate on popular items; TJMaxx’s inventory turnover is rapid, and waiting might mean missing out on your coveted pieces. Act swiftly, especially if you have your eye on a bestseller or an item likely to go on clearance.

9. Beware of Misleading Price Comparisons

Don’t be deceived by price tags featuring designer brand names. Due to licensing agreements, TJMaxx sells exclusive items with comparable prices that may not accurately reflect the quality. Stay informed and don’t fall for misleading comparisons.

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10. Don’t Rush Into Getting a TJMaxx Credit Card

Don’t hastily sign up for a TJMaxx credit card. While the perks are tempting, consider the potential downsides, such as feeling pressured to spend for rewards and dealing with a high-interest rate that could impact your finances negatively.

11. Don’t Waste Time Hunting for Coupons

Spend your time elsewhere rather than searching for coupons.
Skip the coupons and find special prices online at TJMaxx.

Don’t spend time scouring the internet for TJMaxx coupons. Apart from the 10% deal for credit card sign-ups, the retailer doesn’t typically offer or accept coupons. Save yourself the effort and focus on other avenues for savings.

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12. Don’t Count on Price Matches or Adjustments

Don’t expect TJMaxx to match prices from other retailers like JCPenney, and keep in mind that they won’t provide adjustments if an item’s price drops shortly after your purchase. Make informed decisions at the checkout to avoid disappointment later.

13. Don’t Immediately Write Off Imperfect Merchandise

Refresh your wardrobe without overspending—shop TJMaxx!
Embrace the imperfections and find a great deal on quality items.

Don’t dismiss imperfect merchandise outright. If you can embrace minor imperfections, consider negotiating a discount with an employee. Check for irregular clothing items—they often come at a great deal without major issues.

Does TJ Maxx have luxury brands?

In The Runway section at TJ Maxx, you can find clothing, handbags, shoes, sunglasses, and even home decor from high-end brands and luxury designers like Fendi, Versace, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta to name a few.

What is a good day to shop at TJ Maxx?

When you shop matters. Most T.J. Maxx Stores do markdowns on Monday mornings, making this the best time of the week to shop if you’re looking for a deal.

Embark on a shopping spree that not only fills your cart but also fills your wallet with savings. TJMaxx, with its unbeatable discounts and our expert-approved tips, is your go-to destination for budget-friendly and stylish finds. Happy shopping!


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