ProDentim vs. Dentitox Pro: Uncovering the Surprising Truths

ProDentimDentitox Pro vs ProDentim
Which oral supplement is better? ?ind out below!

Discover the truth about which oral health supplement reigns supreme: ProDentim or Dentitox Pro. With their popularity and glowing customer testimonials, it’s natural to wonder if one has an edge over the other, or if they are both effective additions to your oral care routine. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compared ProDentim and Dentitox Pro side by side. Keep reading to find out more.

ProDentim versus Dentitox Pro: A Comprehensive Comparison

Dentitox ProProDentim
Advantages Promotes optimal dental health and revitalizes breathImproves oral health by strengthening teeth, balancing the microbiome and supporting gum health
How much to take6 drops per day in mouth1 tab. per day
How much is enoughminimum 30 days30 days
GMO freeyesyes
Free Shippingyesyes
Side effectsno informationno information
International deliveryyesyes
Forgerieslikely toyes
Are there any discounts?yesyes
Money-back guarantee60 days60 days

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Dentitox Pro Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Discover the incredible Dentitox Pro formula, where just 1 ounce (equivalent to 6 drops) delivers an optimal balance of ingredients. Each serving contains a mere 10 calories, ensuring a guilt-free experience. Experience the transformative power of Dentitox Pro with its meticulously measured dosages.

AmounDaily Value %
Total Sugars00% DV
Total Carbohydrate< 1 gram0% DV
Protein< 1 gram< 1%
Vitamin A1500 IU (450mcg)50% DV
Vitamin C60mg100% DV
Vitamin D3600 IU (15mcg)100% DV
Vitamin K2120mg100% DV
Phosphorous50mg1% DV
Potassium50mg1% DV
Calcium50mg5% DV
Iron3mg15% DV
Zinc6mg50% DV
Dentitox Pro Supplement Facts
Dentitox Pro is your all-natural solution for healthy gums, fresh breath, and optimal dental care.

Dentitox Pro supplement features xylitol, collagen, MSN, Indian Licorice root extract, Neem, sage, cinnamon, and peppermint essential oils.

ProDentim Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Introducing the ProDentim formula: an oral health supplement with a simple yet powerful combination of probiotic and prebiotic ingredients. Each tablet contains all the essentials for a healthier smile.

IngredientAmount (dosage)
Chicory Root Insulin Powder 100 mg
Proprietary Blend20 mg (over 3 billion colony-forming units)
Streptococcus Salivarius20 mg
Bifidobacterium Lactis BL-04
Lactobacillus Paracasei
Lactobacillus Reuteri

In addition to tricalcium phosphate and microcrystalline cellulose, ProDentim also includes natural strawberry flavor and peppermint essential oil.

How to take Dentitox Pro supplements correctly?

Each bottle contains 30 oz of this potent formula, designed to last you a month when used as directed. Simply put 2 to 3 drops in your mouth and swallow, or enhance the effectiveness by swishing it around with your tongue. You can even apply it directly to your toothbrush for optimal results. Brushing with Dentitox Pro after toothpaste and flossing will ensure the ingredients reach every nook and cranny, leaving you with a confident smile and healthier gums.

How to take ProDentim supplements correctly?

Prodentim works by improving the number of beneficial bacteria in your mouth. This supplement contains live probiotic bacteria that correct dysbiosis, reduce inflammation, and promote better oral health. To use ProDentim, simply place one soft gel tablet in your mouth and allow it to dissolve once or twice a day. It is recommended to take ProDentim after brushing. Similar to Dentitox Pro, both supplements dissolve and interact with your mouth’s microbiome, teeth, and gums.

ProDentim Advanced Oral Probiotics
Prodentim Advanced Formula – the great solution for optimal oral health.

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Where is Dentitox Pro manufactured?

Their headquarters, located at 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112, serves as the hub of innovation and expertise. Led by Mark Hall, an industry leader in oral health, Dentitox Pro has been meticulously crafted to deliver maximum results.

While Mark Hall may be a bit of a mystery, his dedication to perfecting the Dentitox Pro formula is unquestionable. As an expert in his field, he has harnessed the power of natural ingredients to create a product that stands above the rest. To get in touch with dedicated customer support team, simply email them at Don’t hesitate to reach out and experience the Dentitox Pro difference today.

Where is ProDentim manufactured? is the official company website where you will be provided with safe and reliable information.

Dr. Drew Sutton, a renowned physician, is the driving force behind this exceptional supplement. The company is located in Akron, Ohio. Contact their dedicated customer support team via email at for any information or assistance.

Please note that ProDentim should not be confused with Protandim. Although the names may sound similar, they are different products. Protandim is an antiaging multi-ingredient supplement that is not marketed specifically for oral health.

Where to Buy Dentitox Pro or ProDentim: Amazon or Local Stores?

Beware of fake supplements! Before purchasing any product online, carefully examine the ingredients to ensure their authenticity. Counterfeit versions may have similar packaging but contain different substances. It is crucial that the ingredients are the same for the supplement to work effectively.

Dentitox Pro Drops for Teeth and Gums

Looking for Dentitox Pro or Prodentim at popular retailers like Target, Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Walgreens, Sam’s club, GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe? Unfortunately, these supplements are not available in local stores. The best place to buy them is through their official websites. Both companies offer discounts of up to 50% off, so you can take advantage of the best deals, plus free shipping.

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Are there any customer complaints about Dentitox Pro?

Over the past few years, Dentitox has successfully addressed two customer complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, ensuring satisfaction for both parties involved. Impressively, the company boasts an impeccable track record with a 100% positive response rate to customer concerns. Yet, to the surprise of many, the Better Business Bureau awarded Dentitox an F rating, which may seem unduly severe considering the company’s exceptional responsiveness and minimal complaint volume.

Are there any customer complaints about ProDentim?

As of the time of this review, there are no complaints filed against the company with the Better Business Bureau and ProDentim does not have a BBB rating. However, it is important to note that negative customer complaints can be found on TrustPilot. These include instances of receiving an empty bottle or not receiving the correct amount of bottles ordered. On a positive note, one individual reported experiencing a reduction in bleeding gums after using the ProDentim formula for just 3 weeks.

Is it Safe to Use ProDentim and Dentitox Pro Simultaneously?

In theory, using both ProDentim and Dentitox Pro supplements may enhance oral health results by combining their unique ingredients. However, the effectiveness of their combined use has not been scientifically established. To determine which supplement works best for you, it is recommended to select one and observe the results over a few months before considering the other product.

Dentitox Pro Supplement Review

Are There Any Side Effects of ProDentim or Dentitox Pro?

There are currently no reported adverse reactions or side effects from popular supplements on the market. Not only are both Dentitox Pro and ProDentim in compliance with supplement regulations, but they also do not contain any lidocaine or numbing drugs recommended against for teething pain in infants. However, please note that both supplements are not suitable for infants and children.

To ensure your safety, it is recommended to start with a smaller dosage for the first week to allow your body to adjust to the ingredients. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult your doctor before taking these supplements. If you have a surgery scheduled, discontinue the use of both supplements at least 2 weeks before the procedure. Additionally, avoid combining ProDentim with antibiotics due to its live bacteria content.

ProDentim vs. Dentitox Pro: A Comparison and Our Recommendation

If you’re unsure which supplement to choose between ProDentim and Dentitox Pro, consider giving Dentitox Pro a try. Dentitox Pro has been in the market for longer and has received more positive customer testimonials, although this doesn’t mean ProDentim is inferior.

Both supplements offer a money-back guarantee and ship internationally to countries like Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia.

The time it takes for the supplements to work varies depending on your goals, but generally, some people start experiencing benefits within two to three months.