Healthy Life Hacks for Winter Vacation

Health and BeautyWinter Vacation Utah
My last winter vacation in Utah.

When you travel it can be hard sometimes to eat healthy foods all the time and stick to your regular diet plan. During long-haul flights, road trips, sightseeing and hiking tours I may eat on the go and often rely on snacks rather than eating my usual meals. Besides, even when I rent an apartment with kitchen, I feel uncomfortable cooking at a new place, and it takes me some time to adjust to new environment. Considering all these factors I tend to suffer from constipation and bloating, especially during the winter months when there are fewer fresh greens in the grocery store shelves. But I found some effective methods that help me feel better and eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

Wash My Hands Often

Sanitizing Rules
A cute pig in a mask wahing its hands.

Washing away all the bacteria regularly prevents catching infectious deceases and spreading viruses. Plus, it helps eliminate spores of dangerous fungi and other bacteria, so they don’t harm you. This rule may seem obvious, but we often neglect it when busy at work or travelling. Especially when you visit public places like airport or train stations it’s important to wash your hands more often. This funny pig is a good reminder not to forget to do it.

Take Vital Vitamins

Greens Supplements
Dietary supplements you can add to your diet.

In winter we lack some vitamins and that is why it is vitally important to add the crucial elements to your diet. When I travel, I don’t have the opportunity to cook much. But what helps me offset the nutrient shortage is elderberry and vitamin C. They protect me from catching cold during the colder season and support my immune system.

Organic Superfoods
Forever Beautiful and ColonBroom dietary supplement I regularly use.

Also, I like Forever Beautiful organic super food mix that includes chia seeds, acai, maqui, acerola, maca and blueberries. This vitamin mix helps me feel and look much better. I feel myself full of energy and optimism.

Supplements for Immune System
A variety of elderberry syrups to boost immune system you can find in stores.

You can purchase vitamins in your grocery store or order at Amazon or iHerb. There are many producers of vitamins, so make sure you check the ingredient list and read the customer reviews. Do remember that very cheap vitamins can’t contain all natural ingredients.

Support Digestive System

Colonbroom Dietary Supplement
ColonBroom bottle I took with me on vacation.

Digestive system is an important part of the immunity, and it needs supporting too. I like to drink ColonBroom in the morning as it ensures efficient work of my digestive system.

Colonbroom Supplement Facts
ColonBroom Ingredients and Supplement Facts.

Among its benefits are pleasant strawberry flavor and ingredientslike natural Psyllium husk, lemon juice and Stevia lea extract.

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Last time I placed my order with ONLYYOU ColonBroom Coupon and saved on my purchase. So, if you are going to make a purchase make sure you first find a ColonBroom Coupon or check ColonBroom special offers on their website.

In the evening, before going to bed I usually have kefir, an excellent source of probiotics. In addition, kefir is rich in calcium, B2 and B12 vitamins. Daily kefir consumption helps prevent constipation and softens stool.

Add Healthy Foods

Jackfruit Pieces in Store
Jackfruit you can find in stores.

Eating healthy organic products is the key to health and beauty. Try to avoid added sugars in your meals and switch to fruits instead of sweets. Consider substituting sugar by honey wherever possible. Whole Foods Market offers a wide assortment of honey to choose from and I always purchase it there.

Fresh Vegetables in Grocery Stores
Fresh organic vegetables available in stores.

These simple but effective strategies help me look and feel great during winter trips. They are time-tested solutions and don’t cost a fortune. You can always use the products available in popular chain store retailers you can find in any state or city. So, these practices are universal and fit everyone. As they say we are what we eat.