My New Year Resolutions

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New Year resolutions for healthier and happier life.

Many people make New Year resolution, a promise to become better and improve the mselves. This year I’ve made a promise to myself to get rid of bad habits and lead a healthier life. I even put down my own guide to leading a healthier way of life that works for me. Here are my steps to healthy lifestyle.

Stop Drinking Coffee

Cup Coffee Scorini
A cup of delicious coffee served in Scorini cafe, Ukraine.

It’s the only bad habit I have, and I am determined to get rid of it next year. When I was expecting a baby, I stopped drinking coffee at all. I knew it’s not good for the baby and I realized what the priorities are. The baby’s health is more important to me than a moment’s indulgence. Now my own health is my number one priority for me, and it should not be sacrificed. These days, there are so many substitutes for coffee. Green tea and Splendid Spoon smoothies make an excellent healthy alternative. Besides Splendid Spoon has many smoothies with cocoa and fruits and taste just delicious.

Eat Less Sugar

Keto Cups
Splendid Spoon smoothies and Keto Cups are delicious and healthy snacks.

But what about desserts to have tea with? I found a healthier option too. KETO Cups are fee from sugar or other artificial sweeteners, but they are so delicious that you are sure to enjoy these healthy desserts. I purchase then online at Amazon and there is always a pack of them ready whenever I have craving for sweets.

Exercise More

Rope Flow Octomoves
My Octomoves flow rope set.

Last year I didn’t exercise a lot. I had 2 yoga practices a week, but it is not enough for me as I am still gaining weight. This year I’m going to exercise rigorously, and I have a plan how to achieve my fitness goals. Recently I have purchased Octomoves flow rope and have added it to my regular fitness routine. I bought Octomoves before Christmas with discount by applying Octomoves Coupon plus free shipping. Octomoves flow rope makes me move more and I have added cardio training this way. But I have more plans on improving my health and reducing my environmental footprint at the same time.

Peloton Store
Peloton indoor stationary excercise bikes.

I dream of getting an electric bike Peloton. I could use it to travel for short distances, to get to work for example, or to go to the local park near me.

Electric Bike
Electric bikes available for rent in Utah.

Now I always rent a bike when I travel. It’s a convenient way to explore the city on your own, see lots of attractions and exercise.

Get Trendy Sports Outfit

Dolce Gabban Ttrainers
Cute pink training shoes by Dolce & Gabbana.

Of course, I know that sooner or later I will inevitably get bored with my new training schedule. But I already know how to add the right motivation during the time I feel discouraged or just feel lazy. Buying brand name sports clothing will make me want to show off it during the training. These Dolce & Gabbana trainers are so cute and stylish that I have already added them to my wish list. I’m just watching for any promotion or a discount on them as the price is high.

My list of New Year resolutions is not big, but it includes very important decisions that relate to my health, mode of life and well-being. From my own experience I know that having unrealistic goals will discourage you from achieving them. Plan one step at a time, reward yourself for success and at the end of the year you can be proud of yourself for really achieving your dreams.