Christmas Stockings. My Favorite Picks for Christmas 2022

For many people Christmas time is the best time of the year and me too. I love being able to stay with the family and I do my best to create holiday mood at home. I enjoy decorating our home before Christmas and I’m obsessed with getting unique Christmas decor, from Christmas stockings, ribbons and wreaths to Christmas tree balls.

Christmas Tree Balls

For years I have been collecting beautiful Christmas decorations and now my collection boasts some vintage decor which is hard to find. There is a nice tradition in our family to buy some new Christmas decor before the holiday and combine new decorations with old one that are associated with certain memories.

Christmas Vintage Decor

For example, the year we got engaged and celebrated our first Christmas together my husband brought two red heart-shaped Christmas tree decorations (he put the box with the engagement ring under the Christmas tree as a Christmas gift too). Since that time these two red hearts have remained the symbol of our union and we always make sure they are in the center of the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree in The Living Room

When I started collecting Christmas decorations, I used to buy at Lowe’s. I liked their wide assortment and affordable prices. With the years I became picky and wanted to have something truly special and exclusive. Luckily, I’ve found the online store where I can get a wide range of personalized products and I remain loyal to it’s Personalization Mall. For example, last year I ordered this cute Christmas stocking with cartoon style Santa eating a chocolate biscuit. I got it personalized and presented it to my girlfriend Tonia.

Christmas Stocking with Cartoon Style Santa

My younger kid loves candy and gingerbread man biscuits, so I got him the Christmas stocking that features all that. Also, there is a stylish Christmas stocking with a huge letter T and fir tree branches under it in my collection. It looks really great in my front yard. In fact, when we live in a small house without a fireplace, we used to tie our Christmas stockings right onto the trees in the yard.

Personalized Christmas Stocking

If you browse Personalization Mall collection of Christmas stockings, you will be impressed. There you will find all styles possible, from rustic and handmade to really elegant and glamorous.

Merry Christmas Stockings

I know that these days there are lots of stores offering personalized gifts, but I stay loyal to Personalization Mall. I like the chance to save with Personalization Mall coupon and sometimes even get free shipping. Plus, I never pay for personalization while other stores charge for that. I know that tastes differ, but for me it is the most reasonable solution for all my personalization needs. I started with personalized Christmas decor and followed with personalized school supplied for children, personalized gifts for mom and my husband. Such special approach to gift giving and choosing home decor makes you personally involved in the process of creating particular products, makes you co-creator and because of this such gifts become even more valuable.

Personalized Christmas Decor

When our friends come to visit us, they notice personalized home decor in the kitchen and in the living room, especially during the Christmas time. With every thoughtful detail you add to your interior you create your personal space that is full of love and affection.

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