Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE at South Coast Plaza

Things to Do in Southern CaliforniaBaltimore, Hairspray Mannequin at Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE at South Coast Plaza
Visit the magical floral paradise of Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE at South Coast Plaza.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Coast Plaza from April 19-23 for Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE. It was truly a unique and delightful experience!

Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE Vote Flyer
Vote on your favorite mannequin for a chance to win a $250 South Coast Plaza Gift Card.

The entire mall was transformed into a vibrant and colorful floral paradise. Everywhere you looked, there were gorgeous displays of flowers and plants, each one more beautiful than the last.

Floral India Mannequin
India Mannequin Created by Inessa Nichols Design

The event also featured an outdoor lounge area with comfortable seating, perfect for relaxing and taking in the atmosphere.

Floral Aston Martin DBX707
Floral Aston Martin DBX707 Created by Kat’s Floral Design and Design Explored Floral.

This unique event will feature life-sized, breathtakingly beautiful floral sculptures themed after different countries and cities around the world.

Floral Baltimore Mannequin
Baltimore, Hairspray Mannequin Created by Bonne Fleurs.

From Paris to Brasil, Australia to Bora-Bora, Madagascar to Scotland, Sweden to Baltimore, USA, India to Mexico, South Korea to China, and Italy, there was something for everyone.

The floral displays were truly breathtaking. The colors, textures, and fragrances of the flowers were like nothing I had ever seen before.

Floral Toba, Japan Mannequin
Toba, Japan Mannequin Created by NPDEvents

The artistry of the sculptures was amazing and each one was unique.

Floral Scotland Mannequin
Scotland Mannequin Created by Kat’s Floral Design and Design Explored Floral.

I was also impressed by the attention to detail, with each sculpture representing the culture and style of the country it was inspired by.

Floral South Korea Mannequin
South Korea Mannequin Created by Irises Designs.

The display really put me in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, it reminded me to send flowers for Mother’s Day.

Give Mom More Banner at South Coast Plaza
Mother’s Day 2023 is May 14th, prepare in advance.

These sculptures are created by top local florists and designers and guests to the event can also enjoy interactive displays, live music, and more.

Laguna Niguel, California Mannequin
Laguna Niguel, California Mannequin Created by Fleur.ish and Sheysheydesign

VOYAGE is a must-see event and a great way to get a taste of the wonders of the world without ever leaving the mall.

Floral Australia Mannequin
Australia Mannequin Created by Bold Blossoms by KM

The shopping experience was also top-notch. Every store had a special display of floral-themed merchandise.

Floral Mexico Mannequin
Mexico Mannequin Created by CJ Matsumoto and Sons

There was something for everyone, from fashion and jewelry to home décor and beauty products. I was able to find some lovely Mother’s Day gifts, including a bouquet of roses, a scented candle, and jewelry. The staff at each store was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, making sure I had a great shopping experience.

Floral Paris Mannequin
Paris Mannequin Created by bougie twigs + blooms.

Overall, my visit to Coast Plaza for Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE was an absolute delight.

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Floral Bora Bora Mannequin
Bora Bora Mannequin Created by Sarah C. Brown Designs

It was a unique and wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Floral Italy Mannequin
Italy Mannequin Created by EGarden Production

The event was definitely a success, and I would highly recommend visiting if you have the chance.

Floral China Mannequin
China Mannequin Created by Keith J. Laverty

To continue the experience, why not visit the Garden Show at South Coast Plaza for even more exciting finds?

33rd Annual Southern California Spring Garden Show Banner
To continue the experience, visit the 33rd Annual Southern California Spring Garden Show.

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